Consume an alot of coffee, tea, and red wine? Do You Have Discoloured and Stained Teeth?


If “yes” is your answer, then Smile Hub Dental Clinic has a solution for you!


The ‘AirFlowTM’ stain removal offered by Smile Hub Dental Clinic is an effective method for removing simple tooth discoloration induced by your everyday lifestyle.


AirFlow Stain Removal is not a teeth whitening product, but it will significantly enhance the brilliance of your teeth and give you an instantaneously fresh and sparkling mouth.


This is how it works… ‘AirFlow uses water pressure and small carbonated particles to remove stains from the surface and in between each tooth.


AirFlow Stain Removal is an ideal, cost-effective precursor to Teeth Whitening that can give you a vibrant, healthy mouth and smile.

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