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Are you kept awake at night due to snoring from yourself or your partner? Well, you are not the only one as 45% of people snore sometimes and 25% of people snore on a regular basis. If you are prone to snoring, then a snoring device may be the perfect solution for you.


Snoring occurs due to the vibration of tissues in the throat when the airway muscles relax during sleep. This is due to unstable airflow affecting the soft palate, uvula, or the tongue. If you have difficulty breathing through the nose, you may be more prone to mouth breathing and snoring. If the mouth opens at night, the tongue can fall backwards, affecting air from moving through the throat.


An anti-snoring device is a custom-made appliance that we take an impression for and send to the lab to be specifically made for you. It is a medical device that is worn at night-time to alter the position that the jaw sits in so that there is a clearer pathway of breathing.


An anti-snoring device is the best option to stop snoring when you sleep and to help you get a better night’s sleep. It does not only help your sleep, it can also make a drastic change to your health. A condition called sleep apnoea is very common in people who snore. It is when the person snoring stops breathing briefly and frequently through the night. Sleep apnoea can lead to an increase in blood pressure and can lead to heart problems in the future. An anti-snoring device helps you get more rest which means you can function better during the day.


An anti-snoring device is like a mouthguard and our Smile Hub Dentist will go through what is the best option for you before taking an impression. We work with the best labs in the country to fabricate the device which our Smile Hub dentist will fit and adjust to make it more comfortable.


Snoring is more common in elderly people and often worsens as we get older. This is due to:

  • loss of muscular tone
  • gaining weight
  • increase of alcohol and medication consumption
  • hormonal changes (specially for women)


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