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Smile Hub Dental Clinic is North Dublin’s Premier Aesthetic Dental Clinic. At Smile Hub Dental Clinic, our highly skilled dentists are experienced in providing the highest quality cosmetic treatments. Smile Hub Dental Clinic is a late-night practice designed to fit around our patient’s busy lifestyle. We have a special interest in cosmetic treatments. We open from 7.30am-10pm 7 days a week. Our mission is to ensure each and everyone of our patients has a relaxing and comfortable dental experience. Our priority is on prevention and the creation of beautiful and healthy smiles.


Aesthetic or cosmetic dentistry enables you to achieve the smile that you’ve always wanted. At Smile Hub Dental Clinic, we restore and protect broken down and damaged teeth. We use natural looking tooth replacements when patients have missing teeth. Our priority is improving and maintaining your healthy teeth and gums along with enhancing the natural appearance of your smile. We take pride in the excellent standard of personalised dental care that our cosmetic dental team provide for our patients. Smile Hub Dental Clinic is a leading cosmetic dental practice in Dublin and Ireland. Our highly skilled team are constantly upskilling in the most up-to-date cosmetic dentistry techniques involving clear braces, porcelain veneers, crowns and dental implants.


Here at Smile Hub Dental Clinic, we understand how important your Smile is to you which is why we provide a wide range of cosmetic treatments to create the smile you have always wanted. Dr Laura Fee is one of Ireland’s most highly qualified general dentists having trained in cosmetic dentistry in Los Angeles, Switzerland and London. She is dedicated to the clinical artistry of providing her patients with the most naturally beautiful porcelain veneers, crowns, bridges and composite veneers as required. Dr Laura Fee has developed an excellent professional relationship with master cosmetic dental technicians in Ireland, UK, Italy and Los Angeles which helps provide her patients with stunningly beautiful and healthy smiles.


Here at Smile Hub Dental Clinic, we have the latest digital technology to create the most precise and perfect cosmetic treatment. Digital cosmetic dentistry is the use of technological scanners to capture diagnostic information and accurate impressions of the jaw and teeth. This allows our dentists to plan, design and record specific dental treatments. This helps for increased accuracy and precision in manufacturing processes. Significant benefits can result for the application of these technologies in terms of treatment outcomes for our patients. Our 3Shape Trios scanner is one of the most advanced scanners on the market. It makes it so much easier to get the perfect mould of your teeth as there is no need to worry about messy uncomfortable impressions or gagging. This allows our dentists to plan, design and record specific restoration treatments such as crowns, veneers, bridges and dental implants all in a day!


At Smile Hub Dental Clinic, our expert dentists understand that tooth whitening alone often does not create a stunning smile.  Cosmetic bonding can be used to repair broken teeth with chips or cracks. Cosmetic bonding can also mask tooth-stains when teeth are discoloured. At Smile Hub Dental Clinic our skilled cosmetic dentists can apply a thin coating of composite or white filling resin to your teeth. This composite resin can then be sculpted before it hardens so that it evenly covers and masks any damaged or discoloured portions of your tooth. The composite resin is meticulously matched to the natural shade of your teeth. The results will look so natural that your friends and family will not be aware that you’ve had work done even though your teeth will be looking beautiful. The results are equivalent to the improvements achieved with porcelain veneers, however cosmetic composite bonding is less invasive and less expensive.


At Smile Hub Dental Clinic in Bayside Medical Centre we provide veneers which are thin pieces of porcelain which are custom-made and bonded to the front of your natural teeth to improve your tooth’s shape, shade and alignment. Due to the addition of our 3Shape Trios scanner we can provide the most accurate veneers to suit your smile. Our Smile Hub cosmetic dentists work with the best dental laboratories in Ireland, UK and US to fabricate unique porcelain veneers customised for your smile with our digital scanner. Our cosmetic dentists are highly skilled in the art of creating natural looking veneers that are right for your smile.


Veneers are a great option if you want to change cosmetic aspects of your smile but another option is a crown which can be used to protect a tooth which may have weakened or to create a more cosmetically appealing look. At Smile Hub Dental Clinic we only use the best porcelain/ceramic materials and the latest cutting edge technology for making you dental crown or cap. The use of our digital scanner makes it easy to create a perfectly fitting crown without the hassle of messy and uncomfortable impressions in just a day! We use Irish laboratories which deliver the best quality crowns for our patients.


As well as crowns our digital scanner is great for creating dental bridges for our patients who have teeth missing. Dental bridges span the gap between the missing tooth and the two adjacent teeth.  At Smile Hub Dental Clinic our dentists create ceramic dental bridges that are durable and highly aesthetic, so no one need know that you had a missing tooth. These bridges increase your ability to eat and smile with confidence. Our dentists are experts at colour matching dental bridges to enhance your appearance and ensure a harmonious blend with your teeth, gums, mouth and face. Our digital scanner makes it quick and easy to create a dental bridge as it removes the need for impressions which can be difficult to endure for many patients and can sometimes be inaccurate. Your dental bridge will look completely natural and help with eating talking etc.


Here at Smile Hub Dental Clinic, we understand how important the appearance of your smile is to you which is why we ensure we that every patient leaves with the smile they have always wanted!


Following your initial consultation and detailed clinical exam in Smile Hub Dental Clinic you will receive a personalised treatment plan with all your treatment options and associated costs. Your treatment plan will be explained to you in-depth by your experienced dentist. During your appointment we will establish your expectations to tailor your treatment plan to achieve your objectives. Our friendly and confidential consultation will set out your roadmap which we will co-treatment plan together. Our experienced team of dental experts aim to build a rapport with you so that you feel relaxed in discussing the results that you wish to achieve. Our dentists are completely understanding with nervous patients and ensure that they take their time to provide the best treatment plan that will suit the patient.


Dental appointments at Smile Hub Dental Clinic are unhurried, comfortable and pain free. Our friendly team pride ourselves in having an exceptional chair-side manner. We will ensure that you’re fully informed about every step of your dental journey in advance of your treatment including transparent pricing and the expected number of dental visits required. You are in control. If you’re nervous about your dental treatment we offer dental sedation for all treatments provided in Smile Hub Dental Clinic. Don’t allow fear to prevent you from seeking help for potential dental problems – at Smile Hub Dental Clinic we promise to make every visit better than your last to ensure that you have confidence in the dental care that we provide.


At Smile Hub Dental Clinic in Bayside Medical Centre we have completed postgraduate specialised training in Sedation Dentistry. Sedation dentistry is a type of oral care treatment which helps patients to feel calm through sedation. This anti-anxiety drug for patients who are nervous undergoing dental treatments can be administered orally, intra-nasally or intravenously. At Smile Hub Dental Clinic we provide sedation for all general, cosmetic and emergency dental treatments for nervous patients including the extraction of wisdom teeth and root canal treatments.


At Smile Hub Dental Clinic, we provide dental fear solutions to try to help our patients overcome their fear in order to stay on top of their oral health. A phobia of the dentist is very common and in Ireland about 20% of the population report having dental fear or anxiety. Although, going to the dentist may not seem like a big deal for people without dental phobias, it can be nearly impossible for patients who have dental anxiety and fear. They cannot rationalise going to the dentist as over time their perception of the dentist has become negative which acts as a barrier to stop them getting the help or treatment which they need. Our dental fear solutions include iv sedation, inhalation sedation and cognitive behavioural therapy.


If you are a nervous patient, why not book in for your nervous patient consultation today on 01 5253888 or book online. Our friendly staff will help you with any queries you have and our expert dentists will ensure you are completely comfortable and receive the best treatment plan for you.

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