Smile Hub’s Guide to Teeth Grinding


Do you find you are grinding your teeth? This could be due to stress or habit. Here is everything you need to know about grinding.


What causes teeth grinding?


Teeth grinding also know as bruxism is usually caused by stress. This is why dentists have seen an increase in jaw pain, headache and worn-down teeth in the last year due to Covid-19. Stress can cause you to bite down hard and clench which can lead to other symptoms and future problems with your teeth.


Is there a reason why I am grinding when I am not stressed?


Stress is usually the main factor that causes people to grind their teeth but, in some cases, teeth grinding can be linked with smoking, drinking, fizzy drinks and using recreational drugs. There are also some medical conditions such as Parkinson’s or Epilepsy which can cause people to clench their teeth. Some medications can also lead to teeth grinding. A lot of the time it could just be the person that you are and if you have hyper tendencies, you may be more inclined to do this.


How Do I Know I’m Grinding?


A lot of the time you may notice yourself grinding or biting down hard and you can try to stop yourself once you notice. For people that grind in their sleep it can sometimes be loud enough for their partners to hear or you may wake up with a tight or painful feeling in the jaw or head. In some cases, people will also find the inside of their cheeks feel bitten which is another sign. Some other symptoms include teeth sensitivity, broken or chipped teeth, headaches, earaches and jaw pain.


Can Teeth Grinding have a Long-Term Effect?


Constant or regular teeth grinding can lead to you being in pain but can also have an effect on your dental health. Grinding your teeth causes them to wear down which can lead to problems such as broken teeth, root canals or even extractions. We recommend anyone that grinds their teeth to get a nightguard made to protect their teeth when they grind.


How can I protect my Teeth?


The main way to protect your teeth if you grind them is to wear a nightguard at night. This is a device made of thick plastic which fits on either the upper or lower arch on your teeth and acts as a barrier to prevent your teeth from clenching together. If you are someone who is a heavy grinder you may find you need to get new nightguards more regularly as they wear down. It is also important to come for your 6-month regular check-ups to ensure your oral health is good. We also suggest brushing your teeth before breakfast or eating to prevent acid erosion on your teeth which can cause them to weaken.


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