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Smoking has a very damaging effect on your teeth and gums along with your general health. Tobacco affects the cells in your gums increasing the risk of gum infections otherwise known as periodontal disease. Smoking also results in bad breath, discoloured and stained teeth, loss of bone which stop your teeth from moving and gum recession which results in tooth sensitivity and pain. Smoking also increases your risk of mouth and gum sores and reduces the healing capacity within your mouth. Smokers can also experience a decrease in their sense of taste.


Smoking causes mouth cancer. At Smile Hub Dental Clinic in Bayside Medical Centre our highly skilled dentists perform an oral cancer screening for every patient. Our experienced team have fortunately spotted oral cancer in patients early meaning that these patients were treated early and made a full recovery. It is important to attend your dentist in Smile Hub every 6 months to ensure that we can screen your mouth for cancer.


Your dentist will explain to you the risks of smoking in relation to teeth staining and discolouration along with the progression of gum disease resulting in tooth loss and gaps in your teeth. A lot of smokers eventually lose their teeth as the bone supporting the teeth deteriorate from the cigarette smoke. This usually then necessitates the replacement of the extracted loose teeth with either a partial or complete acrylic/chrome denture.


At Smile Hub Dental Clinic, we’re happy to help you reduce the number of cigarettes that you smoke and hopefully you can stop smoking altogether. You will notice the benefits of stopping smoking very quickly in your mouth.


Our experienced team of dental experts look forward to welcoming you to Smile Hub Dental Clinic to provide you with regular dental check-ups, a thorough dental cleaning and oral cancer screening so that together we can maintain your excellent oral health and hygiene. Please call 01 5253888 or Book Online Now to make a dental appointment.

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