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At Smile Hub Dental Clinic in Bayside Medical Centre, Sutton we know that front teeth are important for speech, eating, social development and confidence in children. If your child has damaged, discoloured, worn or chipped front teeth then your dentist in Smile Hub Dental Clinic may recommend an anterior white crown to protect their front teeth. We also provide cosmetic white crowns in back teeth for children who have large cavities in their teeth. White crowns provide enhanced strength and durability for your child’s bite. White crowns require excellent oral hygiene to maintain them and 6 monthly check-ups with your dentist. Your best dentist for children’s crowns in Dublin.


Children’s crowns are usually the treatment that is needed if a tooth is damaged or a cavity is too large to be filled. It is also used as a restoration treatment if a child has had a root canal treatment. Crowns for baby teeth are different to adult crowns. Instead of having the crown customised to the tooth, crowns for baby teeth are ready made and come in various shapes and sizes which can be adjusted by the dentist to resemble the natural tooth. Children’s crowns can be made from different materials such as metal or ceramic which can be matched to the shade of the other teeth. These crowns are strong and will usually stay in place until the baby tooth falls out.

A children’s crown can be put on the tooth with or without preparation of the tooth. Local anaesthetic is also sometimes not used depending on the child and the treatment plan. A crown will help your child to eat and talk without pain until the tooth eventually falls out. It will also not be noticeable as it will be made to blend in with the their teeth. When the crown in cemented onto the tooth the dentist will go through a special hygiene routine to keep the crown healthy and make sure it lasts.


If you think your child may need a crown please contact us here at Smile Hub Dental Clinic. Book online or call us at 01 5253888.

Should Children have Crowns?

Crowns are not as commonly made for baby teeth as they will eventually fall out, however some reasons for children to have a crown placed may be:

  • If a child has a large cavity that is past the point of filling
  • If a child has had treatment to the nerve of a deep decayed molar tooth called a pulpotomy.
  • If they have extensive wear from grinding or erosion
  • If their teeth have not formed properly from conditions such as amelogeneis or dentinogeneis imperfecta
  • As a temporary treatment until they are old enough to have an adult crown

What about Crowns on Children’s Adult Teeth?

A stainless steel crown may be put on a child’s adult tooth if it has not yet fully erupted in order to protect it. An adult crown will be needed in the future but it is important that the teeth have stopped growing so the crown is placed in the correct space. This is important, especially for front teeth as they are visible. Temporarily white crowns or sometimes white dental bonding can be placed on children’s front teeth as a temporary measure until they’re old enough to have an adult crown. The permanent adult crown can usually be placed at the age of 17 or 18 when the teeth have stopped growing.

What should I do if my child's crown falls off?

If your child’s crown has come away from the tooth or feels loose, please call Smile Hub Dental Clinic as soon as it happens so we can fit you in and examine it. Usually if your child’s crown has come off it can be cemented back on but in any case, where it cannot we will go through the best treatment option for your child.

Can toddlers get white crowns?

Due to advances in dental technology white crowns are now available for children’s teeth. They are made out of zirconium which is a tooth-coloured tough material which will protect the baby tooth until it falls out for the adult tooth to come down. The main advantage of white crowns in children is that they are aesthetically pleasing while protecting the tooth.

What is the difference between a cap or a crown?

There is no difference between a cap or a crown as a cap is just another name for a crown. In children’s crowns a lot of people call them caps as they are smaller and cap onto a baby tooth. In some cases, people even call veneers a cap as they technically stay on a tooth the same way that a crown does.

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