We provide complete dentures for people with multiple tooth loss, when patients desire full replacement teeth for enhanced dental function and a beautiful smile. Complete dentures are natural looking and give wearers comfort for oral function and peace of mind. Your best dentist for compete dentures in Dublin.

Teeth lost through infection or damage leave gaps between the teeth. Single or multiple tooth gaps cause challenges when eating and speaking, oral discomfort and facial volume loss as bone shrinks. Nutritional intake may be affected and food choices limited. Individuals with missing teeth often feel insecure in their appearance and lack confidence when interacting with others.

We strive to improve the health and quality of life for our patients by providing complete denture solutions. We assess the oral health of individuals with missing teeth during a consultation to determine their needs, and then provide appropriate recommendations for improved performance and well-being.

The dental clinician will advise patients with missing teeth and denture needs about good oral hygiene practice and provide treatments for tooth decay, gum disease and tooth cavities. Older people suffer increasing dental health needs and often experience tooth and gum sensitivity. Treatments are provided to reduce and eliminate such sensitivity caused by receding gums and tooth root exposure.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is involved in complete denture treatment?

Complete dentures are a full set of replacement teeth for the upper and lower arches of teeth. They are for people who have lost all their teeth or needed all of their teeth removed due to gum infection or injury.

The dentist examines the patient’s dental needs and discusses treatment options and replacement solutions. Severely damaged teeth may need to be removed by the dentist through a tooth extraction procedure.

Oral tissues and structures are treated for recovery and an impression is made of the patient’s mouth. These impressions are used for the designing of temporary immediate dentures. Immediate dentures are like complete dentures but are provided to patients for temporary wear as their gums heal.

Once gum tissue has healed and the impression of the individual’s mouth completed, the complete dentures are custom-made for the person in a dental laboratory. When the bespoke complete dentures are ready, patients receive their full set of new teeth. Individuals benefit from complete dentures through normal healthy oral function and an improved smile.

Complete dentures look and function like natural gums and teeth, and are comprised of a gum-like acrylic frame with replacement artificial teeth that fit snugly onto the gums and palate. The design and material of complete dentures is made to suit people from diverse ethnic backgrounds, so as to ensure all patients have choices and receive the treatment they need.

Complete dentures suction to the gums and palate when worn for security, stability and comfort. This natural suction prevents the dentures from shifting or moving. Lower dentures suction differently to upper dentures and may take a while to adapt to. The unique shape of an individual’s mouth is abided by in the making of complete dentures, to ensure they do not interfere with activities like eating and speaking.

They are made bespoke to meet individual needs. The dentist and dental technician will listen to patients so their complete dentures are a pleasure to wear.

Does it take long to adapt to wearing complete dentures?

All individuals are made different and have varied dental treatment needs. Depending on the type of dental treatment required prior to complete dentures, individuals may differ in time taken to adapt to the dentures.

Some individuals may have experienced missing teeth for some time, and may have one or more remaining damaged teeth removed. Others may have experienced more extensive root canal infection requiring tooth extraction and root canal treatment. Healing time between patients with different dentistry treatment needs will therefore not be the same.

Complete dentures, although natural looking, are not the same as natural tooth structures and they will take a bit of getting used to. The acrylic gum base with artificial teeth suction differently to the upper and lower arch, and although secure, are not fixed in place like with existing tooth roots. Retention may be improved through fixing complete dentures to dental implants.

Wearers gradually adjust to complete denture wear and temporary initial discomfort experienced when eating hard foods soon subsides. With lower arch dentures it takes time for the tongue and facial muscles to conform and hold the dentures securely in place. The tongue may initially feel restricted by the dentures during this phase. The temporary shifting sensation and increased saliva flow passes once the cheek muscles become stronger and adjusted to denture function.

How durable are complete dentures?

Complete dentures are designed to last between five and ten years. This depends on how they are cared for and the amount of pressure placed on the dentures, such as in the case of teeth grinding. They are considered a long-term replacement solution for patients with missing teeth.

Dentures can be relined or repaired for enhanced durability. Patients are also provided with guidance on how to properly maintain their dentures. The mouth naturally changes shape overtime and dentures may need adjustment.

We monitor patient oral health during regular dental check-ups and provide assessment appointments as needed. We are here to ensure patients wearing complete dentures are in good health.

How are complete dentures maintained?

The dental clinician provides patients with guidance for best care of their dentures and how to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Complete dentures are brushed like normal teeth to remove food debris and plaque, which if let alone discolours teeth and may cause gum infection.

Professional products are available for complete denture hygiene. Our clinician advises patients about such products and steps to use to maintain good oral hygiene.

Care should be taken when handling dentures in and out of the mouth. This is to ensure they are not dropped on a hard surface resulting in breakage or fracture. Placing a towel in the basin or filling the basin with water may prevent a denture from breaking if it falls onto the hard basin surface. Similarly, standing on a carpeted area may avoid denture breakage if dropped.


It is best to clean the mouth and dentures before sleep, and you should store the dentures in a complete denture box or container. Complete denture storage boxes are specially made for this purpose. Removing complete dentures when going to sleep gives the gums time to rest and revive, before clean dentures are inserted into the mouth after waking.

Regular oral hygiene should be practised so that the gums, palate and tongue are healthy and fresh for denture insertion. A soft-bristled brush is best used with fluoride toothpaste. Certain dental products are ideally designed for denture wearers. A tongue cleaner and gum stimulator may also be used to encourage tissue circulation and prevent a dry mouth or sticky plaque sticking to oral contours.

If you have questions or concerns about your dentures, get in touch with our clinic.

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