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At Smile Hub our smile makeovers start at the consultation where one of our expert dentists will guide you on the journey to creating that perfect smile!


What is composite bonding I hear you ask? Composite bonding at Smile Hub is carried out by our highly professional and experienced team of dentists who have a genuine passion to creating smile transformations. Composite dental bonding involves the application of tooth coloured composite material using adhesives and a high intensity light that cures the adhesive to the tooth. This type of bonding is used mainly to enhance the appearance of the anterior teeth.


Composite bonding is suitable for use:

  • To repair chipped or worn-down teeth
  • To improve the appearance of discoloured teeth
  • To enhance the shape of irregular teeth
  • To close gaps and spaces between teeth
  • Post orthodontic treatment to enhance and improve the smile further
  • Post periodontal treatment – to improve and enhance gum recession
  • Alternative to amalgam fillings
  • To protect the tooth root at areas where the gums have receded


For composite bonding at Smile Hub, there is very minimal preparation of the tooth structure that is needed. Anaesthetic is often not needed for cosmetic bonding. Veneers are manufactured in a laboratory, whereas dental bonding is usually done in one or two visits at Smile Hub with our expert dentists depending on the amount of work needed.


In cases where multiple teeth need bonding, our dentists are Smile Hub would anticipate 2-3 appointments for the completion of the bonding process. Our expert dentists will talk you through the bonding process and will find a colour of bonding that matches your teeth for the perfect seamless look and an enhanced smile. After the bonding the dentists will review the teeth to make sure the transition between the bonding and tooth is smooth.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I care for my bonded teeth?

The composite material is almost as strong as your natural teeth. Restorations, if cared for, can last for several years but it does depend on how well they are looked after. At Smile Hub, our dentists recommend that any type of dental work requires excellent oral hygiene to maintain the best results. Biting your fingernails or biting into very hard or sticky food can chip the composite bonding, the same way that it can chip your natural teeth.

Do I need composite bonding?

At Smile Hub, you can organise a consultation with one of our experienced dentists in which they will be able to determine if your dental problems or insecurities can be solved using composite bonding. One of our dentists will do a full examination of the teeth which may involve x – rays and an evaluation of the gum health and overall teeth health. Then during this consultation one of our expert dentists will be able to advise you if you are a suitable candidate for composite bonding to create that perfect smile. Composite bonding is often suitable for those who wish to fix problems such as decayed teeth, cracked or chipped teeth, gaps, tooth discolouration and much more. If you have teeth that are severely damaged, our dentists may advise you to consider other restorative or cosmetic procedures that may be better in suiting your long – term goals.

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