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At Smile Hub Dental Clinic in Bayside Medical Centre our highly skilled dentists treat decayed, fractured, discoloured, worn, chipped and cracked teeth in adults. A lot of our patients attend for our cosmetic smile solutions as they’re unhappy with the shape or colour of their teeth. We always ensure a healthy and cosmetic result for our patients when placing white composite fillings. All our composite fillings are minimal and are matched to the natural whiteness of your teeth when restoring cavities. At Smile Hub Dental Clinic we match all of our white dental fillings, veneers, crowns and bridges to our patient’s natural tooth colour for highly cosmetic results. Your best dentist for cosmetic dental bonding in Dublin.


At Smile Hub Dental Clinic in Bayside Medical Centre in Sutton we’re pleased to offer replacements for traditional amalgam metal fillings in both white composite filling material and porcelain ceramics. Our cosmetic dentists want to achieve natural results so that your white fillings are undetectable from your natural teeth.


At Smile Hub Dental Clinic we create highly aesthetic white composite fillings. Our cosmetic dentists create by hand an extremely high level of colour matching for our white fillings. Our expert cosmetic dentists layer different shades to carefully match the white filling to your natural tooth colour. At Smile Hub Dental Clinic we take pride in blending your white filling seamlessly to the natural colour of your tooth. This avoids the need for crowns and strengthens the tooth for long term biting forces. At Smile Hub Dental Clinic our cosmetic dentists are highly skilled in providing invisible white fillings for broken, cracked or chipped teeth or fillings.


At Smile Hub Dental Clinic we use master ceramic technicians to create porcelain inlay and onlay restorations when the cavities are too large for white fillings. These beautiful works of art are bonded to your remaining tooth structure and create an almost ‘invisible’ joining whilst strenghtening your remaining tooth structure.


Have a look at some of Smile Hub’s cosmetic dentist’s outstanding work and see if you can detect the restoration!

Cosmetic Dental Bonding


At Smile Hub Dental Clinic in Sutton, Dublin 13 our expert dentists understand that tooth whitening alone often does not create a stunning smile.  Cosmetic bonding can be used to repair broken teeth with chips or cracks. Cosmetic bonding can also mask tooth-stains when teeth are discoloured. At Smile Hub Dental Clinic our skilled cosmetic dentists can apply a thin coating of composite or white filling resin to your teeth. This composite or white filling resin can then be sculpted before it hardens so that it evenly covers and masks any damaged or discoloured portions of your tooth.


At Smile Hub Dental Clinic, the composite resin is meticulously matched to the natural shade of your teeth. The results will look so natural that your friends and family will not be aware that you’ve had work done even though your teeth will be looking beautiful. The results are equivalent to the improvements achieved with porcelain veneers, however cosmetic composite bonding is less invasive and less expensive. When your cosmetic bonding is completed at Smile Hub in Bayside Medical Centre you will be able to smile with confidence.

What are the Advantages of Composite Bonding?

  • Composite Bonding is a pain free procedure as it usually involves no injections.
  • There is little to no drilling involved which means the tooth structure is preserved.
  • Composite Bonding can last between 5 to 7 years if the patient takes good care of it and has regular check-ups and cleanings.
  • Composite Bonding can usually be completed in 1 or 2 visits as there is no lab work involved.

How to I care for Composite Bonding?

  • Brush your teeth 2 to 3 times a day and flossing daily
  • Avoid hard foods such as nuts and toffee to avoid the bonding chipping or coming off
  • Do not bite your nails or use your teeth to open things
  • Try to avoid food and drink such as coffee, tea and wine that stains to prevent the cosmetic bonding from changing colour over time
  • Schedule regular dental check ups and cleaning here at Smile Hub Dental Clinic

How long does composite bonding last?

How long composite bonding lasts depends on the individual case. If you care for them properly by practicing good oral hygiene and avoid hard and sticky foods there is a possibility of composite bonding lasting up to 10 years. However, it is very common for composite bonding to chip and fall off. There are other options such as crowns and veneers which will last a lot longer than composite bonding as the material is a lot stronger.

Should I whiten my teeth before bonding?

If you would like your teeth whiter than what they are it is recommended that you whiten them before having any composite bonding done. This is because the composite bonding is matched to the shade of the rest of your teeth and once it is in place it will not change colour if you whiten your teeth. It is important to whiten your teeth a couple of weeks prior to let the whitening settle to make the shade match perfectly.

Does composite bonding damage teeth?

Composite bonding is completely safe and wont usually damage your teeth in any way. Although your teeth won’t be damaged the material of the bonding is not that strong so can chip or come off the tooth easily. If this happens regularly it might be suggested to get different treatment such as a veneer or a crown.

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