Now cosmetic contouring entails making changes in the tooth shape by means of a sandpaper disc, which causes no tooth damage and can significantly alter its look. It is just the right treatment for minor fractures and break offs since there is no need for anaesthesia and there is negligible tooth decrease – only sufficient to level the uneven edges. Your best dentist for cosmetic teeth contouring in Dublin.

Besides, cosmetic contouring can be made use of to reshape teeth that are crammed together or uneven to make them appear more aligned.

The attraction of cosmetic contouring lies in the fact that no anaesthetic is required, it provides a long-term solution without any maintenance, and it is in fact the most reasonable and swiftest solution. But how much tooth is to be chipped off depends on the bite.

Cosmetic contouring is regularly done in cases where a small to moderate cramming of the lower and upper anterior teeth is there.

Why Should I want to consider dental contouring?

If you are not happy with the way your teeth are shaped then dental contouring might be for you depending on the severity of the changes. Here are Smile Hub Dental Clinic our expert dentists can make slight changes to the shape of the teeth by polishing the enamel which can make a big difference to your smile and your confidence.

What is the contouring procedure like?

Firstly, the you will have a thorough examination and consultation to ensure you are the correct candidate for this procedure and to also make sure there are no cavities or decay which must be treated first. Once we determine this procedure is right for you, we will use a small polishing disk which is made of sandpaper to remove small areas of enamel on your teeth. This will then reshape the teeth giving a more even smile.

Is this cosmetic contouring painful?

No, Here at Smile Hub Dental Clinic we always ensure that our patients’ treatments are as comfortable and painless as possible. Fortunately, you will not need any anaesthetic for this procedure. There is no drilling involved and our polishing tool is extremely gentle so the treatment is completely painless and is not invasive.

What Are the Benefits of Tooth Contouring?

There are many benefits to cosmetic tooth contouring here at Smile Hub Dental Clinic. This treatment can be completed in one visit and provides great results instantly. There is no pain involved as there are no nerves in the tooths enamel. Our polishing tools are very gentle meaning there is no anaesthesia needed. Cometic teeth contouring can be a great option for our nervous patients since it is pain free and only takes 1 appointment. This procedure leaves permanent results so there will be no need to worry about having to get it redone in the future.

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