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How long does dental implant surgery take?

Discover the details about the duration of dental implant surgery and the options available. Whether you’re considering immediate implants or exploring other implant choices, we’ve got you covered.


Dental Bridges Specialist Prosthodontics

 Learn about the all-ceramic dental bridges offered at Smile Hub Dental Clinic, providing a fixed dental prosthesis for the replacement of missing teeth.


Root Canal Treatment at Private Dentists

Interested in learning how to avoid root canal treatment? Explore the best practices for defending your mouth, teeth, and gums against root canal pain. Prioritise a preventive approach to maintain optimal oral health and avoid the need for root canal treatment


Teeth Whitening: Foods & Drinks to Avoid After Treatment

Congratulations on completing your professional teeth whitening treatment! Now, you might be wondering about the foods and drinks to avoid to maintain those pearly whites. Delve into our article to discover helpful insights.


Apicectomy Root Canal Treatment

Ever wondered about the intricacies of a dental apicectomy, also known as ‘root end surgery’? Uncover the medical definition and the surgical procedure involved in the removal of the anatomical apex, or the end of the tooth root.

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Bone Grafting for Dental Implants: Steps of a Bone Graft Procedure

Interested in the steps of a bone graft procedure for dental implants? Our bone grafting dental surgery, combines clinical expertise in Oral Surgery and Implantology. Explore the comprehensive steps involved in this essential procedure.

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7 Reasons to Get Your Teeth Professionally Cleaned Regularly

Discover the benefits of regular professional teeth cleaning. Our dental hygienists strive to make the experience painless and informative. Explore the seven compelling reasons why scheduling regular teeth cleaning appointments is crucial for your oral health.


Bone Grafting

Curious about bone grafting for dental implants? Learn how to determine if you need a bone graft and understand the significance of bone augmentation. Your dentist’s recommendation for a bone graft ensures optimal conditions for successful dental implant placement.


Oral Surgery Dentist: Pros and Cons of Different Materials

Considering a partial crown and wondering about the materials used for crafting it? Delve into the pros and cons of various materials utilised in the bespoke crafting of partial crowns. Gain insights into making informed decisions about your oral surgery options.


When Might You Need a Partial Crown?

Timing is crucial when it comes to a partial crown. If you’ve had a tooth filling before but now require a more substantial tooth restoration, delve into our article to understand the specific scenarios and indications that might lead to the need for a partial crown.


Bone Grafting

Curious about bone grafting for dental implants? Learn how to determine if you need a bone graft and understand the significance of bone augmentation. Your dentist’s recommendation for a bone graft ensures optimal conditions for successful dental implant placement.


Oral Surgery Dentist: Pros and Cons of Different Materials

Considering a partial crown and wondering about the materials used for crafting it? Delve into the pros and cons of various materials utilised in the bespoke crafting of partial crowns. Gain insights into making informed decisions about your oral surgery options.


How Long Do Dental Crowns Last?

If your dentist has recommended a dental crown, it’s essential to understand its longevity and benefits. Explore our article to gain insights into the specially designed full ceramic crowns used and discover how long dental crowns typically last.


Dental Implants

Delve into the details of bone augmentation in the lower jaw, including the procedure, duration, and potential complications. Discover why sufficient jawbone is crucial for the successful placement of dental implants, especially when the tooth extraction occurred a long time ago or was traumatic.


What is Periodontal Disease?

Explore the significance of a periodontal procedure and its role in professional gum care. Learn about the removal of tartar and plaque to address bacterial infection, and understand how this procedure, when performed by our expert dental nurses, contributes to maintaining optimal oral health.


How Do You Get Periodontal Disease? Our Top 10 Risk Factors

Uncover the top 10 risk factors contributing to the development of periodontal disease. From plaque formation to dietary habits, explore the key factors that can lead to the onset of this progressive gum health condition. Understand the importance of addressing these risks for optimal oral health.


To Perfectly Restore Your Smile Can Take Less Time Than You May Think

Discover the efficient process of perfectly restoring your smile. If you’ve ever postponed a dental appointment, learn how promptly attending and addressing acute oral health issues can lead to a swift and effective smile restoration.


Periodontitis Treatment: Signs and Symptoms

Explore the signs and symptoms of periodontal disease, clinically referred to as periodontitis. Gain insights into the progressive nature of this gum health condition and understand the critical aspects to consider when evaluating and addressing periodontitis.

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The Clinical Need for Bone Augmentation Before Dental Implants – Just Which Material is the Right One for Me?

Explore the clinical need for bone augmentation before dental implants and the crucial decision-making process regarding the right material. Delve into the considerations and factors that influence the choice of bone augmentation material to ensure a successful dental implant procedure.

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Teeth Whitening

Discover the various aspects of teeth whitening. From the procedure itself to the benefits of professional teeth whitening, gain insights into how this cosmetic dental treatment can enhance your smile and overall oral aesthetics.

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How Dental Crowns Work – German Dentist

Get insights into how dental crowns work and the importance of maintaining their cleanliness. If you’ve recently received a dental crown, this article provides tips on how to clean and care for your new restoration, ensuring long-lasting results and oral health.


What Material is Used for Dental Crowns?

Address your concerns about dental crowns by exploring the materials used in their construction. If your dentist has recommended a new dental crown, this article provides valuable insights into the available materials, helping you make informed decisions about your dental care.


How Does a Dental Crown Work?

If your dentist has recommended a dental crown, alleviate any concerns by understanding how dental crowns work. Gain insights into the procedure and the functionality of dental crowns, providing reassurance and knowledge about this common dental restoration.

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Caring for Your Dental Implants

Explore the importance of caring for your dental implants to ensure their longevity and optimal functionality. From restoring chewing ability to securely anchoring implant-supported dentures, this article offers tips and advice on maintaining your dental implants for a confident and comfortable smile.


Exploring the Consequences of Teeth Grinding and Clenching

Engaging in the involuntary actions of grinding and clenching your teeth, commonly referred to as bruxism, can develop into an uncomfortable oral habit. This behaviour has the potential to result in both damage to your teeth and discomfort in the jaw joints. To delve deeper into the implications of teeth grinding and clenching, continue reading…


Examining the Impact of Smoking on Veneers

It is well-established that veneers serve as a proven cosmetic dentistry solution for concealing issues such as discolouration, teeth misalignments, and fractures in the frontal area of the mouth. In this context, we explore whether individuals who choose to smoke could potentially jeopardise the integrity of their veneers. Discover more about the relationship between smoking habits and the well-being of veneers…


Understanding and Preventing Peri-Implantitis

Gain insights into recognising the signs of peri-implantitis and proactive measures to prevent its occurrence in a timely manner. Explore the details surrounding peri-implantitis and safeguarding your dental implants…


Understanding the Healing Timeline for Dental Implants

We recognise the desire of many patients for a swift healing process following dental implant placement. Delving into the question of how long it takes for dental implants to heal, we aim to provide clarity on the recovery timeline and factors influencing the speed of the healing process…


Same-Day Tooth Replacement with Dental Implants

Within the realm of dental innovations, the prospect of obtaining a new tooth or an entire set of teeth through dental implants in just one day has garnered considerable attention. Join us as we examine the feasibility and implications of achieving tooth replacement, or even a complete set of new teeth, through the expedited process of same-day dental implant procedures. Discover more about the advancements that make this swift transformation possible…


Navigating Challenges in Root Canal Treatment Outcomes

Root canal treatments typically yield success for our esteemed patients. However, it’s crucial to be informed that, statistically, approximately 10% of cases may experience a resurgence of inflammation after the procedure. In this context, we address the question of what steps to take if your root canal treatment is deemed unsuccessful. Gain insights into potential challenges and proactive measures to ensure optimal outcomes for your root canal treatment…


Exploring Dental Restoration Options

Our commitment to excellence in Implantology and Prosthodontics is driven by the vision that, upon completion of our professional work, the results should be seamlessly integrated into your natural appearance. If you find yourself in need of dental restoration, various treatment options are available for your consideration. Here’s a closer look at the alternatives we offer…


Understanding Amalgam Removal

Amalgam has been a longstanding material used in dental fillings, prized for its durability. This article sheds light on the process of removing amalgam and the restoration techniques involved. Gain insights into the reasons behind choosing amalgam removal, the procedure itself, and the subsequent restoration steps. Learn more about the considerations involved in opting for amalgam restoration and the potential benefits it can bring to your overall oral health…

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