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Here at Smile Hub Dental Clinic in Bayside Medical Centre, we provide dental air polishing as an effective in-clinic cleaning treatment. Air polishing is a method of polishing teeth without using a drill to clean and remove stains, plaque and discolouration from the surface of the teeth. The treatment is completed using a pressurised flow of non-toxic aluminium oxide powder which quickly removes stains sitting on the enamel. This is the latest technological machine which mixes compressed air, water and powder particles to remove stubborn stains. This treatment is great for people who drink a lot of tea or coffee or smoke as they are prone to a lot more staining from these foods. This cleaning method is notably better than normal cleaning methods which use scraping and polishing tools to lift any staining or discolouration.


Here at Smile Hub Dental Clinic in Bayside Medical Centre, we recommend air polishing to a lot of our patients as it is a growing popular choice for adequately cleaning teeth. Air polishing is a popular choice for tooth discolouration as it is a lot cheaper than teeth whitening options. The procedure is painless and can be a lot more gentle than ordinary cleaning for patients who have a lot of tooth sensitivity. Air polishing is one of the most effective techniques of cleaning the teeth and removing any unwanted staining and discolouration.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is dental air polishing?

Dental Air Polishing is a gentle cleaning technique that is minimally invasive and uses a mixture of compressed air, water and powder particles to reduce or remove any plaque, staining or trapped food from the teeth.

Is air polishing bad for teeth?

Air polishing is a gentle and completely safe method of teeth cleaning. Unlike a traditional scale and polish air polishing causes no harm to the tooth’s enamel while it cleans and removes stains. Due to this treatment being so gentle it can be used on dental implants and crowns to removed and plaque building up around the edge of them and cannot cause damage. Air Polishing is 100% safe.

What are the benefits of air polishing?

  • Most dentists agree that air polishing is the best way for removing staining without damaging the enamel of the tooth
  • Air polishing is gentle so it can be used on crowns and dental implants
  • There is no heat generated on your teeth like ether cleaning techniques
  • There is no pressure or direct contact on the teeth during this treatment
  • Air Polishing can be used on anyone over 16 years of age
  • Air Polishing is an effective way to make your teeth look whiter at a lower cost to teeth whitening treatments

Does air polishing whiten teeth?

Here at Smile Hub Dental Clinic, we recommend air polishing as a treatment for patients who have heavy staining or discolouration. Air polishing is very gentle yet effective at removing stains which can make the teeth look dark. Once these stains are removed it can make your teeth look whiter while providing a thorough clean.

How long does air polishing last.

How long the results of air polishing last, depends on the person’s diet and oral hygiene routine. If a patient practices good oral hygiene by brushing twice a day and flossing the results can last 6 to 12 months. Having your teeth examined and cleaned regularly will make the results last longer. The consumption of food and drink that cause staining such as tea and coffee can lead to stains coming back quicker. A person that smokes is also more likely to build up stains a lot sooner than a person who does not smoke. If stains are building up, it may be a sign that you need your teeth cleaned again.

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