Dental Emergencies For Children


A dental abscess is a bacterial infection in the gums, tooth, or bone. Dental abscesses generally very painful. At Smile Hub Dental Clinic in Bayside Medical Centre in Sutton, Dublin 13 dental abscesses are treated by our highly skilled dentists as soon as possible. A dental abscess usually represents a serious infection to your gums or tooth. Dental abscesses can damage the integrity of your jawbone can spread further into your head and neck making you systemically unwell. In severe cases dental abscesses if left untreated can progress to cellulitis requiring immediate hospitalisation. Your best dentist for dental emergencies to do with your children in Dublin.


You your child has a dental abscess you may notice the below listed symptoms:

  • gum swelling, tenderness and redness
  • throbbing pain that comes suddenly and spreads to your ears, neck, and jaw;
  • hyper-sensitivity to hot and cold food or drinks;
  • facial swelling and redness
  • unpleasant taste in your mouth and bad breath.

Trauma To Baby Teeth Causing Dental Injuries


At Smile Hub Dental Clinic in Bayside Medical Centre we love providing dental treatment for children in our family dental practice. We know from experience that managing traumatic dental injuries in children is distressing for children and parents. Smile Hub Dental Clinic prides itself in providing excellent clinical treatment and follow up to ensure that your child’s tooth has the best possible short and long-term care.


If your child’s dental injury is not treated this can result in death of the tooth’s nerve, infection or other complications such as root resorption. An injury to a primary tooth in a child can negatively impact the formation of permanent teeth resulting in future discolouration and malformations on your child’s permanent tooth.


At Smile Hub Dental Clinic in Bayside Medical Centre, Bayside Shopping Centre, Sutton, Dublin 13 we regularly treat children who have experienced a luxation injury resulting in the tooth coming completely out of the mouth or being intruded. These luxation injuries can also include injuries where the child’s tooth is moved in the socket and is loose and painful in it’s incorrect position. These types of paediatric dental injuries are referred to as concussion, subluxation, lateral luxation or extrusion. Avulsion is where your child’s tooth has completely come out of his/her mouth as a result of their dental injury.


Children may also fracture their teeth. Sometimes when children break, chip or crack their teeth it can be an enamel fracture, an enamel into dentine fracture of a complicated fracture involving enamel, dentine and their dental pulp (nerve). Children can also experience crown-root fractures, root fractures and jawbone fractures.


If your child has experienced trauma to their baby or adult teeth please contact Smile Hub Dental Clinic in Sutton, Dublin 13 immediately. One of our experienced dentists in dental paediatric trauma can examine your child immediately and advise you on any recommended dental treatment.

What are the common dental emergencies?

  • Injury to the mouth and teeth.
  • Knocked out tooth
  • Pain.
  • Infections.
  • Tooth Sensitivity.
  • Mouth Sores.
  • Abscessed Gums.
  • Broken Teeth.

Can I take my child to a GP for tooth pain?

If your child is experiencing tooth pain you can bring them to a doctor but they may refer you back to a dentist for treatment to solve the problem of the pain. If your child suffered an injury to the mouth the dentist will try to do emergency treatment if they can but they may be referred to a doctor for further treatment on other areas of the face.

How to avoid dental emergencies for my child?

  • Try to limit their sugar intake to prevent decay which could lead to pain
  • If your child is involved in contact sports, make sure they wear a mouthguard
  • Teach your child to never use their teeth when ripping or opening something
  • Avoid giving your child hard or chewy sweets that could crack a tooth
  • Bring your child for their regular check ups with the dentist

What is a paediatric dental emergency?

A paediatric dental emergency is any urgent dental treatment that will relieve a child’s dental pain. This treatment can also be fixing damage to a tooth or preventing problems which could worsen if left untreated.

What helps unbearable tooth pain in children?

If your child is complaining of bad tooth pain it best to bring them to the dentist as it is more than likely something that will need to be treated. Until you get to the dentist you can give your child pain relief suitable for their age to try decrease the level of pain/ Some numbing gels are also on the market to help with dental pain.

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