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Are you looking to replace multiple missing teeth along your arch? Well here at Smile Hub dental Clinic we offer dental implant bridges which offer greater stability, function, permanence and are great for preserving the jaw bone in a subtle and aesthetically pleasing way. If you have 2 or more consecutive teeth that are missing, a dental implant bridge is a great solution.


An implant bridge uses dental implants placed in the jawbone as a foundation for the porcelain restoration bridge to go on top to replace the missing teeth. This type of bridge can preserve the jaw bone and surrounding teeth as well as maintain a patient’s smile. Replacing these missing teeth with will help to prevent dental problems in the future. Many bridges are removable whereas an implant bridge is attached to permanent dental implants which means there is no worries about it falling out, losing or breaking it.


There are many different benefits to a dental implant bridge including:

  • It is a long term, long lasting solution which preserves the surrounding teeth
  • A dental implant bridge provides the same look, feel and function as natural teeth
  • An implant bridge is very strong and can cope well with the forces of chewing and biting
  • It is fixed which means it will not fall out. This restores smiling, eating and talking naturally without the fear of the bridge coming loose
  • A dental implant bridge is a great option for preserving the bone
  • A dental implant bridge is a cheaper solution than replacing all the missing teeth with individual implants
  • Easy to clean restorations that cannot decay
  • Implants that can last a lifetime with regular care and maintenance


The process of a dental implant bridge is quite simple. The first step of this procedure is to place implants into the jawbone which replicates the natural tooth’s root and will be the foundation of the bridge. This procedure has become more common and with the improvements in dental technology, it is common for people to get have a temporary fixed bridge fitted the same day as the implants. A second appointment may be needed to fit the permanent implant bridge. It can take a few months for the whole procedure to be completed and healed.


If you would like more information on a dental implant bridge, you can book a consultation at Smile Hub Dental Clinic on 01 5253888 or Book Online. One of your expert dentists will be able to recommend the perfect treatment plan to suit you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I eat normally with a dental implant bridge?

Yes. A dental implant bridge is fixed which means you can eat normally without worrying about it falling out. It is also very strong and can take the force from biting and chewing.

How long does it take to heal from a dental implant bridge?

It depends on the patient’s bone density, how long it will take for the whole procedure to heal. A patient can return to their normal diet about 7 to 10 days after the treatment. It can take 2 to 6 months for the area to completely heal.

How painful is a dental implant bridge?

The procedure of a dental implant bridge is not painful at all as the dentist will provide the patient with local anaesthetic to ensure that the whole area is numb and the patient feels nothing. Once the numbness wears off the patient may feel slight discomfort which should fade in a few days.

Will my permanent bridge look better than my temporary?

A permanent bridge will look more aesthetically pleasing than a temporary as it is made perfectly to match your other teeth. A temporary bridge is still aesthetically pleasing but may not look as good a match as the final bridge.

Does a dental implant bridge require special care?

An implant bridge should be cared for in the same way you would care for your natural teeth. Brushing and flossing twice a day and regular check ups with your dentist will keep your dental implant bridge and surrounding teeth healthy.

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