Patients experiencing dental implant treatment at our clinic receive their care in a safe, sterile and infection-free environment. Adhering to health regulations and the highest levels of dentistry standards, we follow protocols for best patient care and invest in quality equipment and materials for treatments.

Clean, infection-free dental implant treatment

Our clinic is set up similar to a medical theatre for the safe and sterile insertion of dental implants. We do all that is necessary to reduce the risk of infection and eliminate contamination. Our dental team is trained in using sterilisation equipment and sterile disposable materials, so that patients receive their treatment in an infection-free environment.

We have strict policies and procedures to ensure patients receive the best quality in dental implant treatment. We take care to use new and sterile materials during treatment.

Cheaper Implants lacking clinical and scientific-backing

Although hundreds of dental implant systems are available internationally, there are a number that lack the scientific testing and constant successful results. Many of these dental implant systems have not been tested on patients for a sufficient amount of time to determine correct success rates, complications and long-term health effects.

Dental implants lacking the necessary clinical-backing from research exist and are advertised as cheaper alternatives. Our clinic will not use such cheaper dental implants. We invest in quality time-tested dental implants that provide successful patient outcomes. These clinically approved dental implants may be costlier, but they are a safer, more secure and a reliable option for best patient care.

High quality dental implants are durable, improve patient health over the long term and provide savings. Receiving dental implants through reputable firms means they are reliably maintained during their lifespan.

We follow health, safety and infection control protocols, and use quality dental implants to ensure patients receive the best care for healthy, natural-looking teeth replacements that improve quality of life.

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