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Smile Hub Dental Clinic in Sutton, Dublin 13 is a partner with VHI Direct Pay Provider, Laya Dental Healthcare Provider and DeCare Dental. With increasing emphasis on the importance of dental care and how it can have an effect on your overall general health, various companies now offer a range of dental benefit plans. Here at Smile Hub Dental Clinic, we accept any Irish dental plan. In many cases one of our team can do all the paperwork for you, getting rid of the hassle of claiming for you.


Smile Hub Dental Clinic is a registered provider of VHI Direct Pay. Our Smile Hub team make it possible for you to benefit from VHI’s Direct Pay Scheme.  This means that we take care of all the paperwork for you.  You will not have to make claims for reimbursement as we will coordinate with VHI on your behalf and the only money you will have to pay us, is for treatment or amounts that VHI do not cover. VHI Dental policy holders are fully covered for check-ups (2 per year), cleaning (2 per year), x-rays (as required) and 50-100% of costs of most other treatments.  Subject to the details and age of your policy. As a VHI member you can get standalone VHI Dental Insurance for as little as €260 per year!  T&C’s apply.


So, if you’re a VHI Dental Policy holder and wish to use the Direct please follow the below steps:


  1. Please call Smile Hub Dental Clinic to make your dental appointment or Book Online Now. After making your dental appointment, please call VHI Dental on 046 9077337 or simply email [email protected] to inform them that you will be attending Smile Hub Dental Clinic.
  2. VHI will then contact you to confirm your dental cover and they will email us in Smile Hub Dental Clinic outlining your dental benefits and cover.
  3. Once your cover is confirmed we can proceed in Smile Hub Dental Clinic with your comprehensive exam, clinical x-rays and dental professional teeth cleaning with no charge to you.
  4. If your dentist in Smile Hub Dental Clinic advises you that you need further dental treatment then a copy of your treatment plan can be sent to VHI. They will then email us back indicating the level of benefit that they will approve for each necessary treatment. An email with the level of benefit attached to each treatment will be sent to both Smile Hub Dental Clinic and the patient themselves.
  5. After your treatment is completed all you will have to do is pay the outstanding balance which VHI have not covered. The majority of costs are paid to Smile Hub Dental Clinic by VHI. All you will have to do is sign a form and the professional team in Smile Hub Dental Clinic will take care of everything else!


Important Information:

  • If you wish to start your dental treatment immediately this is still possible with your VHI dental insurance. In these cases, the patient can pay the full cost of dental treatment on the day of treatment and then a ‘Pay and Claim’ form with the details of your treatment can be filled out. Once you submit your ‘Pay and Claim’ form to VHI they will pay you directly your entitled benefit amount.
  • If you fail to confirm your ‘VHI Direct Pay’ cover before your dental appointment you will be unable to use this policy in Smile Hub Dental Clinic. It is important to remember to ask VHI to send a separate authorisation for every member of your plan and for separate visits.
  • Smile Hub Dental Clinic is not party to the insurance contract between a patient as the policy holder and VHI. We use the proposed benefits per treatment as an indication for your direct pay amounts. If your plan benefits are changed, if cover is withdrawn or stopped, the full liability for your dental treatment costs will be with you as the patient and policy holder.


DeCare Dental

Here at Smile Hub Dental Clinic, we also accept DeCare Dental Insurance. DeCare Dental offer a variety of dental insurance plans than can help patients to predict and manage continuous dental treatment costs.  Plans include immediate cover for check-ups, cleaning, x-rays and emergency treatment.  Why not have a look and choose a plan amongst their Healthy Smiles range of plans that will be unique to your needs and budget. DeCare also offer a Direct Pay option, supporting hassle free claims.

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