Dental Treatment for Baby Teeth


Preventing tooth decay and cavities in children is really important. At Smile Hub Dental Clinic in Bayside Medical Centre in Sutton we educate children and parents on the importance of early regular attendance of children with their dentist. Your best dentist for dental treatment for baby teeth in Dublin.

Early detection and treatment of dental decay is vital for the healthy development of children’s permanent teeth. Early treatment of tooth decay in children results in less anxiety as children spend a shorter time in the dental chair. Early treatment of dental disease also decreases the number of dental extractions that children require.


Regular 6 monthly attendance for children in Smile Hub Dental Clinic is recommended so that we can monitor your child’s dental development. This permits us to make recommendations as early intervention can prevent future loss of teeth and also reduce the time spend in orthodontics in later years.


Early and regular attendance at the dentist by children is important to maintain their attractive white smiles which increase their confidence. Regular visits will increase your child’s motivation and reduce the risk of toothaches by preventing fillings and extractions. At Smile Hub our highly trained dentists will recommend a suitable diet for your child which will enhance motivation. Through regular attendance your dentist can help preserve your childs primary teeth and prevent future orthodontic problems. Research has shown that if your child has good baby teeth their adult teeth are less likely to have decay.


At Smile Hub Dental Clinic we educate parents and children on good oral hygiene to preven toothaches. Tooth decay can cause your child pain if it develops and can interfere with sleep, eating and schooling. It is not ideal to need an extraction of a primary tooth as this can cause your child anxiety and develop a phobia which can extend into adulthood. Regular attendance from a young age helps to prevent dental anxiety and each visit is friendly and focused on prevention. In the long-term a health mouth enhances your child’s wellbeing and will save you time and money.


Early childhood visits to the dentist every 6 months is recommended from when children get their first tooth.

Baby Tooth Extractions


It can be very exciting for children to lose their first tooth which usually falls out on its own. In some cases, the tooth may need to be extracted which is where our wonderful dentists at Smile Hub Dental Clinic come in. There are number of reasons which may be the cause of your child needing a tooth extraction such as the tooth is damaged due to an injury, disease, or severe tooth decay. Baby teeth may also need to be extracted to give room for adult teeth coming down during orthodontic treatment. Extractions are one of the most common procedures seen in children’s dentistry as baby teeth can be prone to developing cavities. Here at Smile Hub Dental Clinic, we know that children can be nervous when it comes to having a tooth removed but we do everything in our power to ensure them that it is a simple procedure that they do not need to worry about.


Reasons for Extractions in Children


Tooth Decay


Baby teeth can easily develop cavities and decay as they are not as strong as adult teeth. There is a number of treatments that are needed with tooth decay, extraction being one of the most common. Cavities usually form on children’s molar or back teeth and the enamel on these baby teeth are weak. It is also harder for children to brush their teeth correctly meaning molars can be missed and the food sitting on the teeth can cause decay. If their tooth is left untreated it is usually too far gone to be filled and will need to be extracted to prevent decay spreading to other baby teeth or developing adult teeth. The removal of a baby tooth due to decay can cause the adult tooth t move into the extracted area and cause crowded teeth. This could then lead to orthodontic treatment in the future.


Trauma or Injury


It is common for children to have bumps and falls which can damage baby teeth. If a baby tooth is broken or dethatched from the socket it can lead to pain and sensitivity in that area of the mouth. In some cases a crown or a root canal treatment can be completed but if the damage is too severe the tooth will need to be extracted and a space maintainer might me added until the adult tooth comes down.


Orthodontic Treatment


In most cases baby teeth fall out by themselves but it is also common to have baby teeth loosen and then tighten into the gum again which stops the adult tooth erupting. It is usually recommended that these types of baby teeth are extracted to allow the adult teeth to come down correctly. If baby teeth are not removed, they can cause crowding in the adult teeth as there is not enough space for the adult teeth to grow. Adult teeth can also erupt while the baby teeth are still there and can grow over them causing the teeth to misalign. This will usually lead to orthodontic treatment. The premolars are the most commonly extracted teeth for orthodontic treatment.


Impacted Wisdom Teeth


Wisdom teeth are third molars and usually start to erupt in our teens or into adulthood. In some cases, children may show early signs that their wisdom teeth are impacted which means they are stuck in the gum or partially erupted. This can lead to infections and jaw misalignments which is why a dentist may recommend having them extracted.

Happy Air Inhalation Sedation


It is normal for children to be nervous when visiting the dentist and receiving any treatment. Here at Smile Hub Dental Clinic, our priority with children is to provide the most comfortable and stress-free treatment. If your child is nervous about their treatment it may be in their best interest to have treatment under happy air inhalation sedation. This will make the treatment safer and more relaxed. Creating a good first experience at the dentist could help prevent dental phobias in the future. Inhalation sedation at Smile Hub Dental Clinic is provided by expert dentists trained in children’s sedation so parents can be happy knowing their child is in the safest hands.


Nitrous oxide or laughing gas is a sweet-smelling gas which is mixed with oxygen. Your child will wear a mask on their nose and breath in until the gas causes them to relax. The effects of this sedation only last while the mask is on the child’s nose. Your child will be able to communicate throughout their dental treatment as children remain awake during the dental procedure. Inhalation sedation will make your child’s dental treatment a relaxing experience and it also reduces any pain that the procedure may cause. Happy Air inhalation sedation has a quick wear off time so the child does not need to be supervised once they have left the clinic. If you have any queries regarding Children’s Sedation at Smile Hub Dental Clinic, please do not hesitate to book an appointment online or contact us at 01 5253888.

What does a children’s extraction involve?

It can be nerve wracking for both a child and their parent getting a tooth extracted but it is a straight forward procedure and is not as invasive as a tooth extraction in adults. The dentist will usually identify if a tooth needs to be extracted during an examination. They will then take an intraoral x-ray to see what the root of the tooth is like. Usually, local anaesthetic will be used to numb the area but here at Smile Hub Dental Clinic we also offer inhalation sedation for our child patients. The dentist will then move the tooth slowly and gently with a forceps until it separates from the attached periodontal ligaments. If the extraction is more difficult there may be a need to remove gm tissue near the tooth which will require sedation.

Is child tooth extraction painful?

A children’s tooth extraction is a simple procedure which will involve little to no pain. A numbing gel will be placed on the gum and will freeze the area where the injection will be administered. Local anaesthetic will be used completely numbing the area. The child may feel pressure but should not feel pain. Here at Smile Hu Dental Clinic, we can also provide inhalation sedation using nitrous oxide or laughing gas as it otherwise known. This will relax the child and prevent any anxiety.

What should I do for my child after the extraction?

Let the child know that it is normal for there to be a little bit of blood after an extraction. The dentist will give extra gauze for the child to bite on if the tooth is still bleeding. In some cases, stitches may be needed after an extraction but will usually dissolve by themselves. A clot will form on the extraction site and it is important to let it heal properly to prevent dry socket which is a painful infection that occurs when the blood clot come away and the bone underneath is exposed. To avoid this your child should not rinse for 24 hours and then rinse with salt water to keep the area clean. You can give your child pain killers that the dentist will recommend and use an ice pack on the jaw to help any swelling go down. Please call straight away if your child develops a fever or excessive swelling as the dentist can prescribe an antibiotic. Your child should try to eat soft foods for a few days after the procedure and drink water to keep the mouth clean and hydrated.

Should decayed baby teeth be pulled?

It depends on the severity of the decay. If the decay is minor and the baby tooth will not be falling out for another few years then a filling or children’s crown may be placed on it. If the decay on the tooth is deep or sever the tooth may need to be extracted. A baby tooth with decay that is going to fall out soon may be extracted anyway to prevent the decay spreading onto other teeth in the mouth.

Why do dentists pull baby teeth?

There are a number of reasons why a baby tooth needs to be extracted. If a baby tooth is badly decayed it may need to be extracted if it is too far gone for a filling. If the baby tooth has been injured it could be extracted as it could die or cause problems with the adult tooth coming down. If a baby tooth has not fallen out when it should it can move other teeth and lead to crowding which means it needs to be extracted.

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