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Here at Smile Hub Dental Clinic, we have the newest technology for disinfecting our practice in a way that doesn’t affect the environment. Our Clinic is disinfected using advanced infection control methods between every patient. Dentaqua is a highly effective, chemical-free disinfection system. While highly effective against bacteria and viruses of all kinds, it is harmless to humans and the environment. By using Dentaqua, your Smile Hub dentist has invested in a technology that puts your safety and wellness first while helping the environment.


How does Dentaqua work?


  1. Surface disinfection- Here at Smile Hub Dental Clinic we spray the Dentaqua solutions and wipe with a paper towel. This removes the use of environmentally unfavourable wipes.
  2. Environmental disinfection- Smile Hub Dental Clinic use the Dentaqua fogger which is an amazing device that disinfects our surgeries and common areas. This is used between patients every day.
  3. Dental unit water line disinfection- Here at Smile Hub Dental Clinic we use the Dentaqua water line system to ensure our water is completely disinfected. We fill our dental water bottles each day eliminating the requirement for water disinfection tablets or other disinfection products which could be harmful to the environment.


Smile Hub Dental Clinic use Dentaqua technology which passes water and a small amount of saline solution through an electrolytic cell to generate an environmentally friendly, non-toxic water-based disinfectant solution. Unlike other disinfecting systems, Dentaqua produces a solution containing activated hypochlorous acid (HOCI) plus short-lived reactive oxygen species (ROS), always at neutral pH. This combination gives a level of disinfecting performance and microbial control a lot higher than other disinfection technologies. Unlike all other disinfection products, Dentaqua does not require regular shock dosing to disinfect the water lines. It is a continuous disinfection method that uses a small amount of environmentally friendly disinfectant to keep the water lines free of microbes ongoing.


Dentaqua is Rated very highly and proven to be non-toxic to human epithelial cells at over 40x the concentration used in dental waterlines. Dentaqua produces the same compounds produced by the human immune system to defend against infection.


At Smile Hub Dental Clinic our patient’s safety and wellbeing is our top priority. Leading the ‘Green Dentistry’ campaign in North Dublin is also very important to us. Dentaqua provides effective results in both of these factors which is why we believe it is the best technology for our patients.

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