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If your dentures are loose or poorly fitted, your ability to eat and speak may be impaired. Owing to developments in dentistry, there is now a process by which dental implants can be used to secure a denture to the jaw.


This therapy, known as implant overdentures or denture stabilisation, offers denture-wearing patients a more permanent answer and can considerably enhance their quality of life. You will once again be able to enjoy your favourite foods and smile with confidence, knowing that your dentures will remain in place.


Here’s how it operates:


For the implants to be implanted in your jaw, surgery will be required.


After the implants have fused with the bone and surrounding tissues over a length of time, your dentures are attached to the implants using a variety of specialised attachments.


This indicates that your dentures can still be removed for cleaning, but once in place, they will remain in place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I replace my dentures?

At Smile Hub Dental Clinic in Bayside Medical Centre our highly experienced dentists replace acrylic and chrome cobalt dentures for patients if they’re uncomfortable. If your dentures are loose when you’re eating and talking then you need a new set of dentures. Dentures should not irritate your gums or be constantly moving or slipping out. A lot of patients get a new set of dentures when they lose confidence in their dentures for eating and talking. Uncomfortable dentures can lead to pain and embarrassment when socialising.

Could dental implants help secure my dentures?

At Smile Hub Dental Clinic we often recommend a small number of dental implants to support your denture. If you decide to get a large number of dental implants a fixed bridge which is permanently fixed in your mouth can be used to replace your removeable denture. Implant supported overdentures or bridges can change peoples lives and dramatically increase your comfort when eating, smiling and talking.

What are the different types of dentures that I can get in Smile Hub Dental Clinic?

Bottom Dentures usually require two implants to support them in place. The majority of people struggle with wearing lower dentures. Some health insurances provide partial cover for lower dentures which are supported with dental implants.


Top Dentures are usually secured in place using a minimum of 4 dental implants. At Smile Hub Dental Clinic we can design a denture for you which does not cover your palate which patient’s tell us have a more natural feeling in their mouth.

Why should I go to Smile Hub Dental Clinic for my dentures?

Our dental experts are highly trained in making dentures for patients from all over North Dublin which will be secure at all times. We take great pride in our patients telling us that they can eat all types of foods with their new dentures. At Smile Hub Dental Clinic we ensure that your denture will not rub on your gums causing irritation. We love helping you achieve confidence in eating, talking and smiling with your new dentures.

What are Cosmetic Dentures?

Missing teeth can impact your confidence, limiting your ability to laugh and talk freely or even eat the foods that you like. Don’t let it continue to affect your life, call Smile Hub Dental Clinic for a consultation and let us design a cosmetic solution for you. Whether you’re missing one tooth or multiple teeth we can help you.


At Smile Hub Dental Clinic in Bayside Medical Centre our expert dentists work in partnership with award-winning Irish dental laboratories that can make you a comfortable custom-made denture. We pride ourselves in providing our patients with individualised high quality dentures which are natural looking, comfortable to wear and eat with.


  • Are you self-conscious about your dentures?
  • Are your teeth loose or are your crowns or bridges failling?
  • Are you wondering if it’s too late to save your remaining teeth?
  • Do you desire a long-term, fixed treatment option?


If your answer is yes, call Smile Hub Dental Clinic today in North Dublin and let us provide you with a comprehensive denture consultation with one of our expert dentists today. Dental implant retained dentures is also an option we can discuss to transform your smile and restore your confidence in eating every type of food you wish.

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