Digital Smile Design


Our practice is excited to introduce this innovative approach to dentistry to our patients. DSD, or Digital Smile Design, is a concept that our team has undergone rigorous training to attain certification.


Benefits of Digital Smile Design:


– We prioritise your well-being throughout your smile journey.


– Using advanced 3D facial design, we create a smile that is proportionate and complements your distinct facial structure.


– You can preview your new smile before starting the treatment.


– Our Guided Treatment methods are reliable, comfortable, and safe.


– Our Smile Makeover Standards offer assurance and peace of mind.


– We use unique data from your mouth and teeth to design a customised smile for you.


– Our digital scans are quick, convenient, and comfortable, eliminating the need for messy or uncomfortable dental impressions.


– We collaborate with a team of expert dentists at the DSD Planning Center to develop a personalised smile makeover plan tailored to your specific requirements.


– Our thorough design process ensures a beautiful smile that enhances your overall health.


Digital Smile Design employs state-of-the-art technology to enable patients to visualise their new smile before treatment begins. With your input and our expertise, we can create the smile you’ve always wanted.

The Steps

In the first step of an initial consultation, our cosmetic dentists prioritise actively listening to the patient. Since beauty is a matter of personal preference, comprehending the patient’s perception of their current smile and their desired aesthetic outcome is crucial in achieving an ideal result. Our experienced clinicians in Dublin take on the responsibility of guiding the patient through the visualisation of their desired smile. In this process, Digital Smile Design (DSD) technology can play a valuable role.

The First Step


To begin with, our cosmetic dentists collect photographic and video documentation of the patient’s current smile. This is a crucial step in the facial analysis process, enabling us to better comprehend the relationship between the teeth, gums, lips, and facial movements.


Our advanced Digital Smile Design technology enables us to create a prototype of your ideal smile, which you can physically test over your existing teeth. We also develop a digital 3D model of your mouth and create a virtual simulation of your proposed treatment, allowing us to provide you with a comprehensive picture of the outcome before starting any work.

The Smile Test


The Smile Test Drive empowers our Digital Smile Design dentists to work with you, making adjustments and tweaks until you achieve your perfect smile goals. This not only removes any uncertainty surrounding cosmetic dentistry treatment, but it also provides a clear and concise picture for our team to work towards.

Digital Smile Design technology is employed in a range of dental treatments, especially those involving full-arch dental implants and dental veneers. It allows you to virtually experience your new teeth before committing to a particular procedure. Witnessing how it feels to have a full set of functional teeth or the perfect aesthetic smile you’ve always dreamed of can significantly impact your decision-making process.

Many patients find this moment to be groundbreaking, as it provides them with the assurance that the beautiful smile they desire is only a treatment away. If you’re contemplating a full-arch treatment or considering dental veneers, but would like to learn more before committing, book a Digital Smile Design consultation in Smile Hub Dental Clinic to see if it’s right for you.

Smile Hub Dental Clinic is thrilled to provide this service as part of your smile consultation, free of charge. Contact us today to learn more about our Digital Smile Design technology in Dublin.

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