Digital Smile Design


Cosmetic dentistry is becoming more and more popular in Ireland and Smile Hub are ecstatic to be able to offer Digital Smile Design. Our expert dentists use smile driven dentistry to help patients in their transformations to build confidence and promote overall wellness to our patients.


Chipped, misaligned, and broken teeth are all issues that affect our smiles and often our confidence too.


Digital Smile Design will allow you to choose your smile and see the proposed results before any work even starts! Then a sequence of appointments will deliver the result you desire.


There are several steps in the process of the cosmetic Digital Smile Design:


Enhanced Digital Photography

At Smile Hub we believe it is important in life that you are able to express yourself through your smile without being self-conscious. Studies have showed that there is a link between an unwillingness to smile and conditions such as depression. Here at Smile Hub, our team of expert dentists will put you at ease and will guide you through the design process of starting your journey to a new smile!


Video Analysis


Lip movements in natural speech and in our posed smile are very different. We don’t see ourselves as others do. In order to see how your smile relates to your face in normal speech, a short video clip will be taken and analysed to ensure that we get the most natural looking new smile for our clients.


Digital Smile Design Analysis


At Smile Hub, we value our clients input in the design process. Designing the changes to your smile begins with an end goal in mind. We can combine this factor with all the wonders of modern dentistry at Smile Hub to find a solution that works best for you in all aspects. Our dentists will advise you through all these aspects to create the perfect smile from start to finish.


Final preparation design


The advantage of the Digital Smile Design technology is the knowledge of predictability with the final result. Composite bonding, porcelain veneers, dental implants, whatever it is our dentists will ensure that the final result is perfect for you!


Predictable results


Captured with photography and video, our dentists will ensure that you won’t stop smiling with your new results.


To book your own Digital Smile Design, get in touch with us at Smile Hub to start your journey, guided by our expert team of dentists!

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