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At Smile Hub Dental Clinic in Bayside Medical Centre our dedicated dentists provide an on- call emergency dental service from 7.30am-10pm 7 Days a week including bank holidys, 365 days a year. Your best emergency on call dentist in Dublin.


At Smile Hub Dental Clinic, we understand how important it is to immediately look after our patients who have a sore tooth or sore gums. We’re a Late Night family dentist, open 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our dentists are highly qualified and experienced at dealing with every type of dental emergency from wisdom tooth pain, dental abscesses, dental swellings, toothaches, tooth decay and painful broken or cracked teeth and fillings.


What Is A Dental Emergency?



A dental emergency involving a painful tooth or gums must treated immediately. At Smile Hub Dental Clinic our dentists prioritise patients who are in dental pain.


Examples of dental emergencies which cause toothaches and gum swellings include:


  • Broken, cracked or chipped tooth, filling, crown, bridge or denture
  • Sore, bleeding or swollen gums
  • Mouth infections or gum abscesses
  • Swelling around the mouth, face or jawline
  • Dental accident or jaw trauma due to a fall, accident or other impact to the mouth from sport etc
  • Toothache


At Smile Hub Dental Clinic, we’re open 7 days a week from 7.30am-10pm, 365 days a year including bank holidays for all your dental emergencies in Dublin and Ireland.


Smile Hub Dental Clinic in Bayside Medical Centre prides itself if delivering outstanding emergency dental care for our adult and child patients. We help out patients get relief from dental pain immediately. We provide individualised aftercare. Our expert team of highly experienced dentists are friendly and prioritise toothaches, abscesses and wisdom teeth pain.


Smile Hub Dental Clinic provides a relaxed environment and we guarantee you a same day appointment for your dental emergency. Smile Hub Dental Clinic provides Dental Sedation for nervous of dental phobic patients 7 days a week. Book Online now or Call us and we look forward to welcoming you to our leading dental clinic where you can expect the best standard of dental care.

Can you go to A&E for dental emergency?

If you cannot get an emergency dental appointment you can go to A&E for them to examine it. They are not likely able to treat the dental problem but they can temporarily give pain relief until you are able to see a dentist for treatment.

What is the most common dental emergency?

There are many common dental emergencies but a toothache is usually seen the most by dentists. A toothache can cause sever pain and can occur from teeth grinding or a cavity which has reached the nerve of the tooth. Until a person can be seen by a dentist, they should take pain killers to relieve the pain and rinse with warm salt water to prevent infection or to remove anything that might be stuck in the teeth causing pain.

How can I avoid a dental emergency?

  • Practice good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day
  • Wear a mouthguard when playing sports
  • Avoid hard or chewy food which could cause a tooth to break
  • Never bite or chew on plastic
  • Go for regular check ups and cleanings here at Smile Hub Dental Clinic

What happens in an emergency dental appointment?

The dentist will ask you questions about the emergency such as when and how it happened. They will then do a full examination to diagnose the problem. If the problem is not visual, they may take x-rays to see if there is anything causing pain in the gum or around the root. Once there is a diagnosis, the dentist will explain the best treatment suited for this emergency. Once you have agreed the dentist will start treatment to mainly get you out of pain or to avoid any additional problems that can occur. There may be more appointments needed for treatment such as a root canal. You will be given a treatment plan when you leave which details all further treatment needed along with the cost.

Is Smile Hub Dental Clinic an emergency on call dentist?

Yes, Here at Smile Hub Dental Clinic we keep spaces for all emergencies to be seen and treated. We open from 7.30am to 10.00pm as emergencies do not always happen between 9 and 5. If you have any emergency please contact Smile Hub Dental Clinic at 01 5253888 or book online.

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