Root Canal Retreatment



Unfortunately root canal treatment can still become reinfected. When this happens the patient will usually notice a dull pain around the troubled area. An x-ray is usually advised in order to examine in detail where the issue might lie.


What is Root Canal Retreatment?


In most cases reinfection of a root canal is rare, however it does still happen. The patient will notice a dull pain around the troubled area which if left untreated will generally get worse.

Root canal retreatment follows the same steps as your original root canal treatment, the whole canal will be treated, cleansed and disinfected along with the original root canal filling before a new filling for the affected canal can be applied.


Suitability for Root Canal Retreatment


Suitability will be based on your x-rays and the examination of your expert dentist. Your dentist or endodontist will examine the problem area before proceeding. When pain first began, whether or not there was injury to the area which may be a contributing factor to it and when the original root canal treatment took place are all information that your dentist or endodontist will need before retreatment can begin. In some cases root canal retreatment will not be an option, your dentist may opt for an extraction if the problem area looks like it might be prone to reinfection or other problems in the future.


Why We Are Best for Root Canal Retreatment?


  1. We employ the best methods and up to date technology to assess and treat whatever affliction is bothering you.
  2. We only offer evidence based advice and we pride ourselves on putting the patient first.
  3. We perform all root canals with the latest computer aided design technology so as to ensure only the most expert of services.

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