Enlighten Whitening:


At Smile Hub Dental Clinic at Bayside Medical Centre we’re proud to provide the world renowned Enlighten Whitening system. This premium whitening treatment is considered one of the best performing whitening treatments in the world and is frequently used by celebrities. Enlighten Evolution whitening involves an at-home 2 week whitening treatment with specially made trays followed by a one hour intensive whitening treatment in Smile Hub Dental Clinic. Enlighten whitening works by increasing the teeth’s permeability to oxygen which breaks down staining on teeth. Tooth sensitivity is rare with the Enlighten whitening system however if it does occur this dental sensitivity is only in the short-term. Enlighten whitening guarantees your whitening results with only one-night whitening top up needed every month with your at-home whitening trays. Enlighten Teeth Whitening is renowned as one of the most effective teeth whitening systems in the world. Many high profile individuals use the Enlighten Whitening teeth whitening system for predictable and long-lasting results.

What is Enlighten Whitening?


No compromises are necessary with Enlighten, the only teeth whitening system that guarantees VITA B1! Continue to enjoy your favourite beverages, such as red wine, while living life to the full!



When describing the colour of teeth, dentists all over the world use the VITA index scale to ensure consistency. It is a swatch made up of 16 different hues, with B1 being the whitest shade in nature.




Enlighten Evo3 formula is our fastest, most effective and predictable whitening yet. With our gentle anti-sensitivity formula, you don’t need to make any lifestyle or dietary changes to get great, long-lasting results. Simply whiten at home over 2-3 weeks to enjoy Enlighten’s exclusive VITA B1 shade guarantee.



Not only is Enlighten gentle on teeth. Since there is no animal testing and all of the ingredients are vegan-friendly, we have worked hard to make it kinder to people and the environment.

Whitening Package:


All year around in Smile Hub Dental in Bayside Medical we provide half price teeth whitening packages for brides and grooms whenever they attend Smile Hub Dental Clinic together for their appointments. All whitening treatments must be approved by our highly trained dentists who firstly examine and clean your teeth. At Smile Hub Dental Clinic we prioritise healthy smiles so all basic dental care must be undertaken before couples can avail of their half price whitening packages. Please Book Online or Call Smile Hub today to get one step closer to your naturally beautiful smile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Enlighten Whitening better than laser treatments?

Enlighten whitening offers a more precise, gentle, and enduring approach compared to laser teeth whitening.

For personalized treatment tailored to your specific needs, consulting with a dentist is the recommended course of action.

Can aged yellow teeth be whitened?

Enlighten whitening treatment is suitable for whitening aged yellow teeth.

The treatment efficiently targets and eliminates deep-set stains and discoloration, resulting in a brighter and more confident smile for patients.

In certain severe cases, achieving the desired results may require up to four or five weeks of home whitening

How long does it take to work?

For achieving the best outcome, the treatment duration usually spans two weeks.

The at-home treatment effectively removes stains and brightens teeth, while the in-office alternative can significantly lighten teeth by several shades in a single visit.

Can I wear the trays during the day?

You have the option to utilize the trays during the day, and rest assured that they are custom-made to fit your teeth comfortably, minimizing any discomfort.

Moreover, the trays’ transparency ensures a discreet appearance, making them hardly noticeable.

Nonetheless, for optimal results, we advise whitening overnight

Can I drink water with the trays in?

It is not recommended to drink water while wearing the trays, as doing so may compromise the effectiveness of the whitening gel due to potential dilution.

Can I keep drinking coffee?

With Enlighten Whitening, there is no need to make dietary changes or be concerned about consuming non-staining foods.

However, it is important to refrain from drinking anything while wearing the trays

How long does it last?

Enlighten whitening treatment is a long-lasting solution for teeth whitening. The treatment can last for years; however, it might require an occasional top-up to maintain the results.

Does it damage your teeth?

The Enlighten whitening system is designed to be gentle on teeth, posing no risk of causing harm or damage.

The gel’s active ingredient, carbamide peroxide, has been meticulously formulated to ensure a gentle effect on both teeth and gums

How long do you wear the trays for?

For a duration of two weeks, it is advised to wear the trays overnight regularly, unless otherwise instructed by your dentist.

We highly recommend wearing the trays during the night to minimize the possibility of consuming food, beverages, or engaging in conversation, as these activities may weaken the effectiveness of the whitening gel and impact the final outcome.

To attain the best possible results, it is crucial to follow your dentist’s instructions precisely regarding the proper usage of the trays.

Is Enlighten the right choice for me?

Going to the dentist will help you understand the procedure and determine whether it is right for you. The whitening procedure may take longer for some patients because of thin enamel, teeth grinding, or other dental problems. It may take longer for the results to appear, but that doesn’t mean it’s not suitable for you. It is best to speak with your dentist to receive expert guidance.

Do I need to go through a dentist to get it?

Dental professionals who are registered perform treatments and only use regulated products with strict manufacturing regulations and quality control. Dentists must possess the necessary credentials and training to perform teeth-whitening procedures safely and to a very high standard.

Because they are not regulated, over-the-counter whitening products have less quality control. A visit to the dentist will help the patient address any problems they might have, such as tooth discolouration or enamel damage. It will be possible to have a safe and harmful process by consulting a professional and having a dentist perform the bleaching procedure.

How white will my teeth become?

White Vita shade B1, which is the most natural shade, is guaranteed by Enlighten. When you’re done using our product, we want you to look natural.

How natural will my smile look?

Without a doubt. The B1 shade of white, which is the most natural shade of white, is guaranteed by Enlighten whitening. Simply stop the teeth-whitening process and wait until your next dentist appointment if you believe your teeth have reached the shade you desire.

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