Why Choose Smile Hub Dental Clinic?


  • Smile Hub Dental Clinic is a leading family dental practice serving patients from all across North Dublin.
  • At Smile Hub Dental Clinic we’re passionate about preventative dentistry and saving teeth
  • We carry out a free full mouth cancer check at every dental check-up appointment
  • We create an oasis of calm by using aromatherapy oils and more natural dental materials where appropriate
  • We listen to our patients expectations and after a full diagnosis we plan every stage of your dental treatment with honesty and integrity
  • We explain every patient’s dental treatment plan in detail with them in advance of treatment including all associated costs and expected number of visits
  • We operate in a fully sterile and clean environment in line with the Irish Dental Council codes of recommended practice
  • We’re passionate about treating children of all ages and ensuring that each child has a positive dental experience which will stay with them forever
  • We provide dental treatment with sedation for nervous adult or child patients from all over Dublin through our provision of safe inhalation and intravenous conscious sedation
  • Our support staff are happy to schedule your treatments and help accommodate any special requirements that you may have


We look forward to welcoming you to Smile Hub Dental Clinic for a truly exceptional standard of holistic dental care. Please call 01 5253888 or Book Online Now to arrange your dental examination.

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