Impacted Wisdom Teeth


Here at Smile Hub Dental Clinic, we see a lot of patients in pain with impacted wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are the third molar at the back of the mouth. There are usually four wisdom teeth, 2 on the upper arch and two on the lower arch but some people may not get them all. When there is not enough room for the wisdom tooth to develop or erupt through the gum it can become impacted.


When wisdom teeth are impacted, they can result in many problems. Impacted wisdom teeth are hard to reach and clean which can lead to tooth decay on them or teeth beside them. Infections are common due to bacteria building up around them which can cause pain. When a wisdom tooth is impacted, we usually suggest having it removed as it is not an essential tooth and will more than likely continue to cause complications.


Here at Smile Hub Dental Clinic, we are open late and see emergencies often. Many emergencies and pain are caused by impacted wisdom teeth. In some cases, there are no symptoms at all, but if the tooth becomes infected or damaged some of the symptoms can include:


  • Swelling or redness on the gums
  • Bleeding and tenderness on the gums
  • Pain in the jaw
  • Swelling around the jaw
  • Finding it hard to open your mouth
  • Bad breath
  • An unpleasant taste in your mouth


Wisdom teeth become impacted when they do not have enough space to erupt. Wisdom teeth usually develop in your 20s and can erupt in the right position without any problems. Sometimes a wisdom tooth can partially emerge where the top pf the tooth is slightly visible which is known as partially impacted. If it does not come through the gum at all it is known as fully impacted.

If the tooth is full or partially impacted, it may:


  • Grow at an angle toward the tooth beside it
  • Grow at an angle toward the back of the mouth
  • Grow at a right angle so the wisdom tooth is lying on the jawbone
  • Grow normally but stay trapped within the jawbone


Impacted wisdom teeth can cause complications in the mouth such as:


  • Damage to other teeth- When the wisdom tooth grows towards another tooth it pushes on the other tooth which can create an area for bacteria to grow and cause decay. The pressure can also cause the teeth to move and cause crowding. This could lead to orthodontic work being needed.
  • Cysts- When the wisdom tooth starts to develop it is in a sac in the jawbone. Sometimes this sac can build up fluid to create a cyst which can damage the nerve, jawbone, and other teeth. This may need removal of tissue in some cases.
  • Decay- Partially impacted wisdom teeth can be very hard to clean which can lead to a higher chance of decay. Bacteria gets trapped in the area which over time decays the tooth.
  • Gum disease- Partially impacted wisdom teeth are difficult to clean which can lead to the gum becoming inflamed and infected. In some cases, this can lead to gum disease known as pericoronitis.


There is no way of preventing and impacted wisdom tooth but attending Smile Hub Dental Clinic every 6 months can help your dentist monitor the growth of the wisdom tooth and give options weather it needs to be removed or not.


If you have pain or swelling call us on 01 5253888 or Book Online Now to schedule an emergency appointment with our experienced Smile Hub dental team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it okay not to remove impacted wisdom tooth?

If you decide that you do not want to remove your impacted wisdom tooth there is a possibility that complications will be continuous. If they are not causing pain or decay than it is possible but if there is regular pain or swelling it is suggested that they are removed. This is because there is a higher change of decay, infection and gum disease which can also influence other teeth.

How painful is impacted wisdom teeth removal?

Here at Smile Hub Dental Clinic, we ensure that are patients are completely numb before going ahead with wisdom tooth removal. During treatment you may feel pressure, but you should not feel pain. Once the numbness wears off the extraction area can be sore and tender. It can take up to 2 weeks for any tenderness to go.

Can a general dentist remove impacted wisdom teeth?

Yes. Here at Smile Hub Dental Clinic our dentists are fully qualified to remove impacted wisdom teeth and do it regularly. In some cases the extraction can become surgical but our dentists can still extract the tooth. In extremely difficult cases there may be reason to refer to an oral surgeon. Here at Smile Hub dental Clinic, we do inhalation and IV sedation which can make the experience more relaxed and pleasant.

Can a partially erupted wisdom tooth be pulled?

In many cases a partially erupted wisdom tooth can be extracted quick and normally. In more complex cases the tooth may need a surgical extraction to remove it from the gum.

Does removing wisdom teeth change face shape?

Wisdom teeth are located at the very back of the mouth where the bone is quite dense so there will be no change to the face shape or structure when they are removed.

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