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Here at Smile Hub Dental Clinic, we understand that discoloured teeth can have a huge effect on someone’s self-confidence. There are a number of reasons why teeth become discoloured. The main reasons for discolouration in teeth are smoking and certain food and drinks such as tea and coffee. However, these are reasons for the external of the tooth to become discoloured. In many cases people have internal discolouration inside the tooth which means external bleaching will not help to brighten the teeth. Internal staining is usually caused by a defect in the structure of the tooth, a tooth that is dying or dead or due to blood or other fluid entering the tooth after injury or trauma. Your best dentist for internal bleaching in Dublin.


There are many different options for people who want to get rid of their tooth staining such as crowns and veneers. These options are good but can be quite expensive considering there is still opportunities to whiten teeth internally with internal bleaching. Internal bleaching has been proven to restore the natural tooth colour to match the rest of the teeth.

What is internal bleaching?


Most bleaching options are external and focus on brightening and lifting stains which are on the outer surface of the teeth. Internal bleaching is different as instead of focusing on certain darkened areas or staining internal bleaching penetrates the exact source of the problem in the interior of the tooth. This eliminates the internal staining to brighten the whole tooth. Internal beaching is a very simple, effective and cost-efficient option to restore the tooths appearance if internal staining is the problem. Internal bleaching is not well known by most people so patients can go years with internal discolouration without realising there is ways to remove it.


Here at Smile Hub Dental Clinic, our expert dentists provide internal bleaching results which help our patients to get their smile and confidence back. In many cases people decide to do external bleaching once their internal bleaching is finished to get optimum results.


Before any internal bleaching treatment is provided our dentists will take x rays to asses the severity of the discoloration. If a tooth is dead or dying and has not yet been treated a root canal treatment must be done. This will remove the damaged pulp inside the tooth. If a root canal treatment has been done already then, they canal can be reopened. A bleaching gel is then placed into the cavity which will dissolve the staining making the tooth look whiter. Once the tooth has been whitened to the right shade the canal will be refilled and the tooth sealed to stop any future damage to the interior of the tooth.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is internal bleaching safe for teeth?

Yes, internal bleach uses approved whitening gel which is completely safe and very effective.

Does internal bleaching hurt?

In many cases the tooth is already dead due to root canal which means that the root is removed. This means that there will be no pain or discomfort as there is no feeling in the tooth. It usually only takes about 30 minutes for internal bleach to work.

Is internal teeth bleaching permanent?

Even though internal bleaching has a long lasting and great effect on discoloured teeth, the results are not permanent. The treated tooth can start to discolour again overtime due to food, beverages and wear and tear.

Can I whiten a dead tooth?

Internal bleaching is a great option for whitening a dead tooth but it is important to make sure to see your dentist and ensure to have this tooth whitened before any of the other teeth externally or there is a chance shades could vary.

What is used for internal bleaching?

Internal bleaching is used to whiten non vital or dead teeth from the inside as external bleaching will not work. Hydrogen peroxide is the gel bleach which is used during internal bleaching.

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