At Colm Smith Dental & Specialist Centre, we take pleasure in meeting the needs of each and every one of our patients. Sedation is an option to help patients receive treatment without stress because dental anxiety is a typical worry. Your best dentist for administering IV sedation in Dublin.




The goal of IV sedation is to produce a state of relaxation and anxiety alleviation that allows us to safely complete our therapy while keeping you comfortable. Conscious sedation is the kind of sedation we’re going for. If we need to, we can get in touch with you.


For the duration of the drug’s action until it wears off, sedatives might result in partial or complete memory loss. You’ll feel that the time goes by quickly, and you might not remember much of your dental care. Even though you weren’t actually “asleep” during the treatment, you can actually feel that way. A calming medication is injected intravenously (IV) into a blood vessel, typically in your arm or hand.


Who Needs It?


Your dentist will determine whether IV sedation is appropriate for you as part of your evaluation. For some of the more involved treatments we offer, we frequently suggest anesthesia to put you to sleep. Some of these operations include oral surgery, difficult extractions, implants, and wisdom tooth removal.

Additionally, if you are afraid of getting dental work done, your dentist will look into the causes of your fear, explain any necessary treatments, and let you know whether they believe you would benefit from IV sedation.
It’s crucial that you disclose to your dentist your whole medical history as well as any pills, medications, or INJECTIONS you’ve used in the previous 12 months.


What Are The Risks?


IV sedation is quite secure. Prior to sedation, we carefully evaluate every patient to make sure they are healthy enough for IV sedation. You might experience some bruising where we inject the sedative; however, this goes away after about a week.



How can I stay calm at the dentist?



You are not alone if you suffer from a fear of the dentist, it is very common! All of our dentists have a great deal of empathy for the worries and trepidations that many patients have. Any worries or apprehensions you may have should be communicated to your dentist. You and I can then talk about these and how we can get past them.


Oral Sedation


Those who are afraid of needles may prefer oral sedation.
You take a prescribed sedative one hour before your appointment with this sedation. The medication gradually enters the bloodstream, allowing you to feel calm while the procedure is performed.

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