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Fear is the main reason why most adults put off going to the dentist. Unfortunately for some, this fear and anxiety can manifest themselves as panic attacks, and believe it or not, for some, the fear is so vivid that it can be classed as dental phobia.


At Smile Hub Dental Clinic our trained staff will guide you through the steps of whatever procedure you’re having done. We will go through each treatment and what it involves in detail so that you are fully aware of all the steps being taken prior to you sitting down in the chair. 


Sedation can offer not just physical relief but also mental relief for many patients who are nervous. We provide RA Sedation, which is a combination of nitrous oxide and oxygen which helps you to relax prior to treatment. This sedation will not render you unconscious, and you will be able to drive home after, it simply puts you at ease and leaves you largely unaware of any discomfort that might come with your treatment. 



If you are a nervous patient, why not book in for your nervous patient consultation today on 01 5253888 or book online. Our friendly staff will help you with any queries you have and our expert dentists will ensure you are completely comfortable and receive the best treatment plan for you.

How do I calm down before going to the dentist?

  • Talk to someone about it to make your feel better
  • Listen to music
  • Focus on your breathing while in the chair
  • Pick the first appointment so you don’t have time to worry about it
  • Your dentist can prescribe you anxiety relief medication

What can a dentist give you for anxiety?

Your dentist can prescribe you anxiety relief medication which is taken about an hour before the appointment to help you relax. If a patient has an extreme phobia of the dentist, they may suggest conscious sedation so that your treatment can be done comfortably and efficiently.

How common is dental anxiety?

Having a dental phobia is very common and affects about 36% of the population. 12% also suffer with an extreme fear of the dentist. This can have an impact on patient’s oral health as they might avoid coming to the dentist. If there are any problems that are left untreated, they may get worse which can make it harder for these patients as the treatment may become more invasive the longer a treatment is delayed.

What is considered conscious sedation?

Conscious sedation is a mixture of medication to help relax a person while blocking pain with anaesthetic. This can be done for medical and dental procedures. It means that the patient is awake and aware of what is going on but is unable to feel pain or speak. This type of sedation is recommended for patients who are very nervous as it can make the procedure a lot easier for the patient and dentist.

What does conscious sedation feel like?

The effects of sedation feel different depending in the type of sedation and the person under sedation. The main symptoms include feeling relaxed and drowsy. The more the sedation kicks in it can get rid of any anxiety or stress that may have been felt before the sedation. This is why it is a great option for patients with dental phobias.

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