Treating Nervous Patients


At the Smile Hub Dental Clinic, we understand and value the fact that many of our patients may have dental phobia or anxiety about visiting the dentist. We take pride in being a trusted clinic for individuals who experience nervousness during dental treatments. Our goal is to create a comfortable and calm environment, ensuring that you feel at ease throughout your dental procedures. With our dentists having conducted numerous sedation operations, you can trust that you are in capable and secure hands.


How do we alleviate the anxiety of nervous patients?


For some individuals, accessing dental care may seem daunting due to apprehension stemming from challenging past dental experiences and concerns about the intricacies and duration of specific dental procedures.


If you experience fear, nervousness, or discomfort upon reaching the dentist’s office, rest assured that you are not alone. We understand these feelings and want to assure you that there are effective ways to calm your nerves, especially if you have dental apprehensions but still require and consent to treatment.


At Smile Hub Dental Clinic, we prioritise ensuring your comfort and confidence during your visit. We offer conscious sedation as a solution, providing the necessary relief to undergo oral health procedures and effectively address dental phobia, paving the way for clinical success. With this approach, you can overcome your fear of the dentist and no longer feel nervous about your dental visits.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can the dental clinic help alleviate my fear?

We understand your concerns. At our clinic, we prioritize the comfort of nervous patients. We offer various forms of dental sedation, such as conscious sedation, to help you feel calm and at ease during your treatment.

Is there anything specific the clinic does to create a more relaxing environment?

Our dental clinic is committed to creating a comfortable and calming atmosphere. From the waiting area to the treatment rooms, we strive to make the environment soothing and reassuring for nervous patients.

What options are available for sedation during dental procedures, and how do they differ?

There are different levels of sedation to cater to individual needs. Minimal sedation (Anxiolysis) induces a calm mood, while conscious sedation brings a deeper level of relaxation. However, it’s important to note that general anesthesia is not permitted in dental surgeries outside of hospital operating rooms.

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