Oral Surgery


Your Smile Hub Dentist will refer you if you need to see our oral surgeon. To accurately assess your needs, the specialist may require more X-rays of your mouth and head during your visit. They will also go over your medical history, so make sure to include anything you take in terms of prescription and over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, and supplements.



What does the Oral Surgeon do?



The following procedures are offered by our oral surgeon:

  • Surgery to remove wisdom teeth or roots
  • Routine dental extraction and preservation of the socket
  • Coronectomy
  • Evaluation of intraoral lesions and potential problems
  • Excision of intra-oral lesions and biopsies
  • Apicectomies
  • Odontogenic cyst treatment
  • The termination of oroantral communication
  • Removing the maxillary antrum’s roots
  • Teeth, including canines, are exposed for orthodontic purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a referral letter needed to see an oral surgeon?

Yes, a referral letter is needed from the general dentist.

Is the treatment painful?

No, our oral surgeon will use local anaesthesia to ensure that your mouth is completely numb; you will feel pinches in your mouth.

You will unavoidably feel some pushing and pressure, but this is not painful.

The drilling is not unpleasant and feels precisely like getting a filling.

Stitches do not cause pain.

In order to make your rehabilitation more comfortable, we will recommend or prescribe painkillers.

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