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Here at Smile Hub Dental Clinic, we provide partial dentures to patients who are looking to fill gaps left by missing teeth. A partial denture can be made from plastic or alloy. They are supported by metal clasps or precision attachments which hook onto the teeth that are still there. It is important to fill in the gaps where teeth are missing as it can have an affect on the remaining teeth in the mouth. If gaps are left the remaining teeth can move into the gaps which can affect your bite and can make it harder to clean. This can then lead to decay or gum disease which can cause more teeth to become loose or fall out. Partial dentures stop your teeth from moving out of their position which prevents any problems that occur from missing teeth.


Metal partial dentures are made from an alloy which are stronger than the plastic dentures. Plastic dentures can sometimes irritate the gum whereas the alloy denture is very comfortable and will not damage the gums or the teeth the clasps are hooked onto. The alloy partial denture has a plastic gum base so that it looks natural. At first it can be hard to wear a partial denture but after a few weeks it will feel comfortable and will solve any problems caused by missing teeth. It will also help with eating and speaking which may have been affected by the missing teeth.


It is important to take care of the dentures properly in order for them to last longer. A partial denture should be taken out and brushed daily to ensure there is no plaque or stains building up. If possible, a brush specifically made for dentures is better as the bristles are soft and will not damage the denture. The remaining teeth must also be brushed and flossed twice a day. The teeth that the clasps are on will need particular attention as it may be easier for plaque to build up and food to get caught here.


Over time your gums can change shape which can mean your partial denture does not fit right. If this happens you should book an appointment here at Smile Hub Dental Clinic. It may be as simple as an adjustment but if it is damaged or can’t be adjusted a new denture might be needed. Your best dentist for partial dentures in Dublin.


If you have any queries or are interested in getting a partial denture please contact Smile Hub Dental Clinic at 01 5253888 or Book online.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you leave partial dentures in all the time?

A partial denture can be left in all the time but it is recommended that you remove your dentures at night. This will take away the pressure caused by the denture and will give your gums and bones a chance to relax. It is alps important to take out your dentures to clean them to prevent a build-up of plaque which can damage the denture and cause irritation to your gums.

How long does it take for dentures take to settle?

At first partial dentures can feel a bit uncomfortable in your mouth but after about 5 to 8 hours in place they can start to feel more comfortable. It can take a few days to get fully used to a partial denture as it can sometimes feel loose because your gums need time to fit and adjust to the denture.

Can I eat with partial dentures?

At first eating with a partial denture can be difficult and may take some time to get used to. The more you eat with it in the more comfortable it will feel. It is important to eat with your denture in as it helps to take pressure of the natural teeth which are left. If you are finding it difficult to eat with a partial denture, one of our friendly dentists here at Smile Hub Dental Clinic can provide information and tips to help you find eating easier.

How does a partial denture stay in place?

A partial denture is help in place by two clasps which hook onto two remaining teeth on either side of the partial denture. In some cases, a precision attachment may be used. This is where a connector fits into a gap prepared in the crowned supporting tooth.

Do partial dentures look natural?

Over the year’s denture technology has gotten a lot better and has made dentures look very natural and subtle. Partial dentures are customised to fit comfortably and to match the gum and shade of your natural teeth. Metal dentures are covered with plastic at the front to match the gums so that you cannot see the metal.

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