We take great pride in providing cutting edge, prosthodontic care at Smile Hub Dental Clinic, and we welcome referrals for counseling, treatment planning, and actual treatment.

Along with the skilled services, we also take care of and offer general dental care to a large number of devoted and wonderful patients in Dublin. We invite patients of all ages to the practice because we take pride in providing excellent general and individualised care.


What is a Prododontist?


The area of dentistry known as prosthodontics deals with replacing missing teeth with artificial ones and rebuilding natural teeth. This could involve a simple procedure, like creating a crown for a chipped tooth, or it could involve more involved procedures, like reconstructing the entire mouth with dental implants, veneers, bridges, dentures, and dentures to cover severely damaged dentitions.


These procedures must be carried out by a prosthodontist, who also coordinates any necessary care from other specialists. The individual is in the best position to handle the more difficult cases, such as those with significant functional or aesthetic problems, thanks to our skilled prosthodontist. Patients considering dental work that may involve dental implants, extensive veneer placement as part of a smile makeover, or significant dentition changes are strongly advised to consult a prosthodontist in order to get the most suitable, all-encompassing, and uniquely tailored treatment for their dental needs.



Referring Patients


We welcome referrals for all facets of implant, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry at Smile Hub Dental Clinic. We are happy to collaborate closely with referring physicians, providing our assistance and knowledge for all facets of patient care, from the formulation of a treatment plan to its actual implementation.

For dentists who want to handle the work themselves, we are happy to talk about and plan out cases. If the dentist prefers to complete the remainder of the treatment themselves, we are also happy to complete a specific stage of the treatment in some limited circumstances.

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