Receding Gums: Causes & Prevention


At Smile Hub Dental Clinic, we are aware of the negative effects dental health issues may have on confidence, particularly when they are uncomfortable or obvious to others. In the past, receding gums were considered an unavoidable indication of aging and were supposed to occur over time. But you can address the problem and stop your receding gums from getting worse with preventative measures and skilled treatments.



It’s recommended to schedule a check-up at Smile Hub Dental Clinic in Sutton Bayside, if something about your oral health doesn’t seem or feel quite right. It’s crucial that you seek expert treatment right away because receding gums may be an indication of a more serious condition like gum disease.


What are receding gums?


When your gums start to move away from the tooth, it is known as receding gums. Because more of the tooth is visible, teeth may appear longer.


What are the signs?


Gum recession is a fairly slow process, and most individuals are unaware of it until they start to notice the symptoms. Tooth sensitivity is one of the early symptoms of receding gums, but it starts to stand out as the tooth gets longer than it used to.

What are the causes of receding gums?


Gum recession can be caused by a number of different things. There are several additional causes besides simply becoming older that can cause receding gums. Gum recession can be exacerbated by overly vigorous brushing and inadequate oral hygiene. Periodontitis, which causes the gums to become inflamed as a result of plaque bacteria, can develop from poor oral hygiene. The gums may eventually start to recede if this condition is left untreated. Gum recession can also be brought on by smoking, trauma, or injury.


Additionally, genetics could contribute to gum recession. You can inherit from your parents the size and thickness of your gums. You are more likely to have thin gum tissue than your parents had, which increases your chance of developing gum

recession. The greatest strategy to stop receding gums is to take care of your oral health because heredity cannot be changed.


How to Prevent it


The greatest technique to stop receding gums is to keep up with your fantastic oral hygiene routine. This entails brushing your teeth twice a day with a soft-bristled brush and going to the dentist for check-ups on a regular basis. Maintaining good dental hygiene can also be aided by making healthy lifestyle choices like giving up smoking and drinking less carbonated beverages.


However, it’s crucial to always plan a periodic check-up with your dentist and regular hygienist appointments if you do see any signs of receding gums. If you don’t address the root of your receding gums, it will surely result in more severe oral health problems.


It should be remembered that gums cannot regrow once they have begun to recede. This is why it’s crucial to get dental care at the earliest indication of any problems.


Professional Support



Your gums won’t grow back after they’ve started to recede. There are professional treatments available to stop them from regressing even farther and to address the root of the problem. Your receding gums’ underlying cause will always be addressed before any additional problems are later taken into account.


Regenerative surgery is frequently advised to help your gums naturally repair bone and tissue to the area where receding gums have eroded the bone supporting your teeth.


A root planing or debridement may be scheduled by your dentist if your case of gum recession is minor. This procedure is often called a “deep clean.” The dangerous germs below your gumline will be removed by the dentist during this process.


Tissue Graft: Your dentist will advise you on the best gum tissue grafting technique. A connective tissue graft, which involves taking tissue from beneath the skin somewhere else in your mouth, is most frequently used to treat receding gums. The afflicted gum tissue is afterwards sewn to it.


If, after your operation, you are still not satisfied with your smile, there are further cosmetic solutions. For instance, removable gum veneers can improve the appearance of your smile.



Smile Hub Dental Clinic


Our team of specialised dentists at Smile Hub Dental Clinic will create a welcoming environment for you to talk about any dental health concerns you may be having. Do not hesitate to get in touch with our office right away if you see any indications of gum recession.


Click here to find out more about how we may help you stop your gums from receding. Alternately, make an appointment at Smile Hub Dental Clinic by speaking with a member of our welcoming reception staff.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have gum disease?

If you have bleeding and sore gums when your brush your teeth it is important to attend Smile Hub Dental Clinic in Sutton, Dublin 13 for a dental check-up and a professional teeth cleaning. A thorough assessment of the health of your gums will need to be undertaken to assess if you have gum disease. Gingivitis is inflammation of your gums without bone loss but can cause painful and bleeding gums. It is a reversible condition but an urgent dental appointment with your dentist is needed.

What is gum disease?

Gum disease is a bacterial infection which causes a lot of destruction to your gums, bone and the supporting ligaments of your teeth. This is a progressive and silent disease that often occurs without pain or many symptoms. Gum disease is caused by a build up of plaque and tartar on your teeth which forms naturally . Plaque consists of bacteria which produce toxins that irritated the gums and cause permanent damage such as gum recession and tooth mobility. Gum disease can cause painful, swollen and bleeding gums.

What happens if I do not treat my gum disease?

If gum disease remains untreated it will spread below the gums and damage your gums and bone which support your teeth. This can then result in your teeth becoming loose and falling out.

How do I know that I have gum disease?

You may have gum disease if they’re bleeding when you brush. Swollen, red and tender gums are common with gum disease. Gum recession and loose teeth are signs of gum disease. Sometimes your teeth can move and your bite might be altered. Bad breath and a bad taste are generally a sign of a gum infection which may lead to a diagnosis of gum disease.

How can I stabilise my gum disease?

You must attend Smile Hub Dental Clinic for a consultation to confirm that you have gum disease. Your dentist will provide you with an individualised treatment plan to help stabilise your gum disease. This usually involves dental cleanings every 4-6 months for life and a strict oral hygiene routine at home. If you’re diagnosed with gum disease then you will be at high risk for gum disease progressing for the rest of your life so Smile Hub Dental Clinic will provide you with a supportive treatment plan to ensure that we can work together as a team to maintain your teeth and prevent them from loosening and falling out. Regular cleanings and excellent oral hygiene is key. Smoking cessation is advisable as research has confirmed that smoking increases the risk of a person developing gum disease.

What are the benefits of maintaining healthy gums?

Regular dental professional cleanings and excellent at-home oral hygiene prevent bleeding gums and tooth sensitivity. Maintaining excellent gum hygiene prevents bad breath. Healthy gums allow you to smile with confidence and ensures that you can keep your own teeth for the rest of your life. Healthy gums help you avoid dentures.

What is a Dental Scale and Polish?

At Smile Hub Dental Clinic one of our highly qualified dentists can provide you with a professional dental cleaning to keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy. Our advanced air polishing dental cleaning system effectively removes all dental stains on your teeth resulting in a whiter smile. During your dental examination your Smile Hub dentist will examine your teeth, mouth and the soft tissue of the oral cavity. All of our dentists provide oral cancer screening free of charge for every patient. Smile Hub Dental Clinic provides help and support to our patients who wish to quit smoking.

What can a dental hygienist do for me?

At Smile Hub Dental Clinic your hygienist will provide a thorough cleaning that will achieve a lot more than you can at home with a toothbrush. Hygienists also have a special interest in:


  • Stain Removal – drinking tea, coffee, red wine or fizzy drinks will build up stain on your teeth over time. At Smile Hub your hygienist will be able to clean those stains away using natural products for a whiter smile. Our hygienists use the innovative AirFlow system which uses air, sodium bicarbonate and water together which cleans stains instantly from your teeth for a whiter brighter smile.


  • Fresh Breath – a clean mouth results in a fresher breath!


  • Preventing Gum Diseaese – early signs of gum disease include bleeding gums when brushing. At Smile Hub Dental Clinic your hygienist will examine your mouth for signs of gum disease and if they identify symptoms they will create an individualised treatment plan for you to ensure that your gum disease stabilises and resolves. It is really important that patients pay attention to these symptoms of gum disease as if left untreated gum disease can result in loose teeth and eventual tooth loss. Patients who have had gum disease in the past need regular monitoring as they’re higher risk for a relapse. An estimated 90% of adults will have gum disease at some point in their life.


  • Oral Hygiene Plan – At Smile Hub Dental Clinic out dedicated hygienists will treat your individual needs and devise a tailored plan for you to optimise your oral hygiene routine. Our hygienists can recommend and show you how to use the right products and different types of brushes for you to ensure the highest standard of home care.


  • Dietary Advice – The different types of food that we eat can cause staining and acid erosion. At Smile Hub Dental Clinic our hygienists can recommend eating habits to avoid your diet having a detrimental effect on your teeth.

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