Do You Wish Your Smile Could Change?


People seeking a new, self-assured smile are increasingly selecting dental veneers at Smile Hub Dental Clinic.


Modern veneers are no longer a cosmetic dental treatment only available to wealthy personalities; technological advancements have made veneers more affordable than ever.


If you have minor gaps in your teeth or slightly misaligned teeth, veneers can help.


What Specifically Are Veneers?


Veneers are wafer-thin shells used to enhance the appearance of teeth. A tad like cling film. Depending on your requirements, porcelain and composite are the most common dental materials.


Should I Get Veneers?


4 Possible Reasons for why you should get veneers.


There are a variety of factors why you may decide to undergo veneer treatment:


Veneers can conceal discoloured teeth that do not respond to whitening treatments.

Teeth Damage – Your teeth may be damaged for a variety of reasons, including excessive clenching.  Additionally, veneers can correct the appearance of fractured or chipped teeth.  They can also be used for teeth with damaged enamel or as a replacement to prevent further damage to the tooth beneath.


Using veneers, you can easily close spaces between your teeth, giving you a more uniform smile and making you feel joyful.


There are only a few instances where veneers are used to correct misaligned teeth.  If your teeth are not severely crooked, veneers can be used to create the illusion of flawlessly straight teeth. Win – win.


Which Is Superior, Composite Veneers or Porcelain Veneers?


Both composite and porcelain veneers have advantages. Porcelain provides the most natural appearance because its colour closely resembles that of natural teeth. Composite veneers can be applied in a single appointment and require less tooth surface preparation, sparing you time. In addition, as with any treatment at Smile Hub Dental Clinic, we will always consider the optimal options for your smile so that you can determine what you want and receive the best possible outcome.

How Long Do Veneers Last?


Composite veneers typically have a lesser life expectancy than porcelain veneers, which typically last between five and ten years. To increase the longevity of your veneers, you should care for them similarly to your natural teeth.


In addition, you should maintain regular consultations with us to keep your mouth as healthy as possible, adhere to a healthy diet, and avoid acidic and tooth-staining foods.


The Advanced Seven-Step Veneer Procedure


Once you’ve decided to undergo treatment, your teeth must be prepared for your new veneers.


A tiny portion of your front teeth will be removed; the quantity will be equal to the thickness of your veneers, allowing them to fit flawlessly in your smile.


Following this, an impression of your teeth will be obtained. This is then sent to the dental laboratory so veneers can be fabricated to precisely suit your teeth.


During this time, you will have temporary veneers placed on your teeth to safeguard the surface of your teeth that has been prepared.


When your new veneers are complete, you will return to the dental office to have them placed. In the beginning, they will simply be placed over your teeth so that you can evaluate their appearance.


Then, once you are satisfied, your teeth are thoroughly cleaned and the front surface is roughened so that the bonding material between your tooth and the veneer has a suitable surface to adhere to.


After this, a curing light is used to activate the bonding cement so that it permanently bonds your tooth and veneer, leaving you with an attractive and natural-looking new smile.

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