Socket and Ridge Preservation


My understanding of the required treatment involves socket and ridge preservations with bone grafting. I’ve been told that, within two to three years, or even sooner, the loss of jaw bone height and width may result in a 40%–60% loss of bone height and width. I’ve been told that maintaining bone volume is crucial for the eventual implant placement of a partial or complete removable denture.

Xenograft is the preferred material for the bone grafting procedure (bovine based).


I am aware that there are alternatives to treatment, including no treatment at all. I have been made aware of the risks associated with the options that have been given to me.

The usual risks and adverse effects of my suggested bone grafting procedure in this particular case include, but are not limited to:

  • Bruising and discomfort following surgery
  • bleeding that might need additional medical attention
  • infection following surgery that might harm the new bone graft and call for additional care.
  • failing to integrate the graft with natural bone


I am aware that smoking, drinking too much alcohol, or eating too much sugar can hinder gum healing and reduce the procedure’s success. I consent to observing my doctor’s home care recommendations. I consent to visiting my doctor as advised for routine checkups. Any prescribed medication from your dentist or any regular medications (antibiotics, high blood pressure medications, etc.) should be taken with only a small sip of water. It has been stated that during the course of treatment, unanticipated conditions might surface that call for modifications to the method mentioned in paragraph 2 above. I give my doctor’s team the freedom to exercise professional judgment when carrying out any additional procedures that they deem advisable and necessary to finish my surgery. After our conversation with the dentist, I’ve decided to have bone grafting material inserted into the bone socket left by a removed tooth. Results cannot be guaranteed, and I understand this because it has been explained to me.


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