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At Smile Hub you’re entitled to a whole 10% off all dental treatments. We know that being a student means watching your spending habits and living to a budget. However, we also know that maintaining great dental care and ensuring that you go for regular check-ups at Smile Hub Dental Clinic is vital to maintaining your oral health. No Discount is applicable to aesthetic dentistry treatments including but not limited to teeth whitening, cosmetic/composite/edge bonding, porcelain veneers, orthodontic treatment such as clear braces or Invisalign aligners.


Looking after your dental health now instead of postponing it will result in you avoiding expensive and painful dental procedures in the future post-graduation. At Smile Hub we constantly manage and review your dental health so you can keep track of your progress, whether you require a minor treatment such as a filling or something more complex. Regular dental exams and cleanings results in catching problems in time and preventing and exacerbation of your oral health which could cause you trouble later in life.


We offer extended hours seven days a week if you need to see us – we’ll fit you in at a time that suits you best. Don’t worry about the financial side of dental treatment, Smile Hub Dental Clinic are 100% transparent so you’ll be completely informed and know exactly how much you’re going to pay at each visit.


Please call 01-5253888 or Book Online Now to arrange your 6 monthly dental check-up and cleaning. Our friendly team of dental experts look forward to welcoming you to North Dublin’s Premier Dental Clinic.

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