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Encourage your children to develop a positive attitude towards toothbrushing! If your child is reluctant to brush their teeth, it can make bedtime challenging. Moreover, poor brushing habits may lead to long-term issues such as tooth decay, infections, and gum disease. Fortunately, there’s a solution.


Introducing the Toothbrushing Academy – a delightful approach to help your child embrace toothbrushing. Picture oversized toothbrushes, animal-themed brushing stations, and dental surgeries adorned with jungle or underwater motifs!


Teaching kids proper tooth brushing techniques is crucial. Join the Tooth Brushing Academy for a fun and interactive toothbrush training session. As a Children’s Dentist, we aim to prevent decay.

At the academy, we go beyond teaching tooth brushing. We provide a gentle introduction to hygiene visits and discuss essential topics like diet, nutrition, and strategies to prevent tooth decay. By making a few adjustments, your child can avoid becoming a statistic.


As your child turns three, they graduate from the Toothbrushing Academy to full hygiene appointments, complete with a graduation ceremony. Your child will receive a special certificate, a medal, and a graduation gown photo shoot. These positive experiences foster excitement about dental appointments and prevent fears and phobias.


Personalised oral care advice is part of the package, along with “tooth selfies” taken with our intraoral camera.

During the Toothbrushing Academy appointment, your child will go through three enjoyable steps:


  1. The Brushing Station: Kids love using oversized toothbrushes on our animal friends before learning to clean their own teeth with your guidance. We encourage photos and videos for future reference and recommend evidence-based products for home use.
  2. The Dental Surgery: We educate both parents and children on establishing a proper brushing routine at home. “Tooth selfies” with our radiation-free intraoral cameras provide insights into oral health.
  3. Hygiene: We gently polish to introduce your child to hygiene visits, with detailed follow-up emails including personalized oral care advice and any “tooth selfies” taken during the appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

At what age is it suitable for my child to attend the Toothbrushing Academy?

It is advisable to bring your child to the Toothbrushing Academy between the ages of 1 and 3.

What is the duration of a Toothbrushing Academy session?

A typical Toothbrushing Academy appointment spans approximately 30 minutes. Yet, it’s not uncommon for children to be so captivated by the experience that they hesitate to leave the clinic afterward – a testament to the enjoyable nature of the session! 🙂

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