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At Smile Hub Dental Clinic in Bayside Medical Centre our dentists are highly trained and experienced at performing routine and surgical tooth extractions. At Smile Hub Dental Clinic, we perform all types of routine and difficult dental extractions such as the removal of impacted wisdom teeth, complex root removal and other complex oral surgery procedures involving broken teeth. Your dentist will take an x-ray of the area to determine the best way to extract the tooth and the appropriate anaesthetic technique to ensure your comfort. When your extraction is complete your dentist will provide you with verbal and written post-extraction aftercare instructions.


If you’re a nervous patient we can provide dental sedation during your tooth extraction which can makes the removal of your tooth a more relaxing and positive experience. At Smile Hub Dental Clinic our gentle dental team are dental phobic and nervous patient experts. If you’re an anxious dental patient we look forward to welcoming you to Smile Hub Dental Clinic for a uniquely comfortable dental experience.


Reasons for tooth extractions:

  • Deep decay
  • Infection in the tooth and bone
  • Insufficient space in the mouth
  • Make room for orthodontic treatment


Two Types Of Extractions:



  • Simple Extractions are performed on teeth that are visible in the mouth, usually under local anaesthetic, and require only the use of instruments to elevate and grasps the visible portion of the tooth. Typically, the tooth is lifted using an elevator and using dental forceps, rocked back and forth until the periodontal ligament has been sufficiently broken and the supporting alveolar bone has been adequately widened to make the tooth loose enough to remove. Typically, when teeth are removed with forceps, slow steady pressure is applied with controlled force. It is usually possible to fill the remaining gap with either a dental bridge, dental implant or denture.


  • Surgical Extractions involve the removal of teeth that cannot be easily accessed, either because they have broken under the gum line or because they have not fully erupted. Surgical extractions usually require an incision. In a surgical extraction, the dentist may elevate the soft tissue covering the tooth and bone, and may also remove some of the overlying and surrounding jawbone tissue with a drill. Frequently, the tooth may be split into multiple pieces to facilitate its removal. Surgical extractions are usually performed with conscious sedation in Smile Hub Dental Clinic. It is usually possible to fill the remaining gap with either a dental bridge, dental implant or denture.

Wisdom Tooth Removal


At Smile Hub Dental Clinic in Bayside Medical Centre we extract all upper and lower infected wisdom teeth including impacted wisdom teeth. These third molars are the last molars on each side of the upper and lower jaws and they’re known as wisdom teeth. They are the final teeth to erupt when people are usually in their early twenties and are prone to infection, pain and swelling. Most adults have four wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth can affect other teeth as they erupt into the mouth by causing anterior crowding. Some people do not have enough room for their wisdom teeth to erupt and this can cause decay on the neighbouring tooth or their wisdom tooth growing into their cheek. Wisdom tooth pain or infection can prevent people eating, closing their mouth or sleeping at night. Wisdom tooth pain can result in facial swelling or even cellulitis which can result in difficulty swallowing or breathing.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need my wisdom teeth removed?

At Smile Hub Dental Clinic, we educate patients that sometimes wisdom teeth only partially emerge or come in crooked/impacted. They can cause severe discomfort and potentially lead to disease as food can get trapped around these impacted wisdom teeth resulting in a bacterial infection known as pericoronitis.

What are the symptoms of an infected, decayed or painful impacted wisdom tooth?

  • Aching at the back of the mouth
  • Swollen gum
  • Difficulty eating
  • Bad breath
  • Bad taste in the mouth

Why are wisdom teeth removed?

At Smile Hub Dental Clinic, we educate patients that when a wisdom tooth is impacted and tries to erupt into the mouth, the flap of the gum on top of it may become infected and swollen. This can lead to severe discomfort in your face, cheek or jaw. This condition can result in an infection known as pericoronitis, which if left untreated, can often require a hospital stay and surgery. Wisdom teeth are thought to cause front teeth crowding although research is lacking in this area.

Why does my dentist want to take out my wisdom tooth?

At Smile Hub Dental Clinic in Bayside Medical Centre your dentist may recommend having your impacted wisdom tooth removed if the following conditions exist:

  • Infection
  • Decay of surrounding teeth caused by wisdom tooth
  • Unrestorable decay or broken-down wisdom tooth

How are upper wisdom teeth removed or extracted?

At Smile Hub Dental Clinic, the extraction or removal of upper wisdom teeth is often similar to other teeth and can be completed within a short appointment.

How are lower wisdom teeth removed?

At Smile Hub Dental Clinic we educate our patients that many lower wisdom teeth cannot be taken out in a similar way to other teeth. Wisdom teeth can be positioned beneath the gum either partially or completely impacted. This means that the impacted wisdom teeth can be lying at an angle to the neighbouring tooth. This will require a minor oral surgery procedure to have these removed and sutures place. Removal of difficult wisdom teeth can be done under sedation if necessary for nervous patients. We’re the pain-free and stress-free wisdom teeth removal experts!

Why should I have my wisdom teeth removed in Smile Hub Dental Clinic?

An impacted wisdom tooth can become cavitated, rotten and potentially push against the neighbouring molar, leading to tooth movement, decay and gum disease. Wisdom teeth may cause your gums to feel tender and can make eating difficult. Wisdom teeth can cause your gum and jaw to swell. The glands underneath your jawline may become swollen and tender. Wisdom teeth pain can cause patients to become unable to eat, speak and sleep requiring painkillers.

To find out the best possible treatment for you, we recommend making an urgent appointment with your experienced dentist at Smile Hub Dental Clinic who will be happy to advise you on the best course of action to eliminate your wisdom tooth pain.

You can rest assured that you will be guided throughout your entire treatment by our highly skilled dental team at Smile Hub Dental Clinic. Our dental experts are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have about your wisdom teeth treatment with us.

In some cases, your dental extraction treatment may be partially or fully covered by insurance and our treatment co-ordinators can help assist you in filling out any forms to claim towards treatment costs. This means that you will not require a referral or be placed on a lengthily waiting list to get your treatment performed.

Is dental conscious sedation available in Smile Hub Dental Clinic when I have my impacted wisdom teeth extracted?

At Smile Hub Dental Clinic in Bayside Medical Centre we’re experts in providing conscious dental sedation to nervous patients for all routine and difficult surgical dental extractions. We provide inhalation and intravenous sedation routinely for our nervous and dental phobic patients. During the removal of wisdom teeth we provide local anaesthetic and intravenous dental sedation to nervous patients at Smile Hub Dental Clinic. Your treating dentist can discuss your ideal sedation options based on your medical history and personal preference. Once you have been sedated, you will feel little to no discomfort during your comfortable and stress-free dental extraction. Some discomfort may occur in the days following your treatment as the gum begins to heal. Your dentist in Smile Hub Dental Clinic will advise you on which painkillers are most appropriate to help alleviate any discomfort.

What aftercare advice should I follow after my wisdom tooth has been removed?

Following your tooth extraction in Smile Hub Dental Clinic we advise that you rest for a few hours. It’s also important that you don’t rinse for at least 24 hours. Please avoid smoking post treatment for 48 hours.


In the days after your treatment, rinse your mouth gently after meals and before bed using a mouthwash made up of a half teaspoon of salt and warm water. Hold the solution in your mouth for several minutes on the side of the extraction before spitting, repeat this 2-3 times.


Avoid alcohol, hot drinks and hard or chewy foods. Please choose cool drinks along with soft or minced foods and avoid direct contact with the open extraction socket.


If bleeding re-starts, sit upright with your head and shoulders raised. Apply pressure using a small pad of gauze or clean linen clamped firmly between your jaws for 20 minutes. If the bleeding persists, please contact Smile Hub immediately.

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