Tooth Wear


Tooth wear is the term for a loss of tooth structure which can make the teeth become shorter or more worn down than the original shape. Tooth wear begins when the enamel, which is the tough outer layer of tooth starts become weaker and wear away. Even though enamel is a very hard structure, overtime it can wear due to a number of reasons. Your best dentist for treating tooth wear in Dublin.
Here at Smile Hub Dental Clinic your dentist will explain to you the cause of your tooth wear which may include:


  • Tooth grinding or clenching
  • Acid erosion where enamel and dentine is softened due to acidic foods such as juices, fizzy drinks and alcohol
  • Internal acids that may reach teeth in patients with stomach ulcers, stomach acid reflux, vomiting, regurgitation, bulimia and hiatus hernias

What are my dental treatment options for tooth wear?

At Smile Hub Dental Clinic our dentists are highly trained at diagnosing the cause of your tooth wear so that we can ensure your successful dental treatment. It is important that we prevent the cause of your tooth wear to avoid future damage.


  • If you suffer with tooth grinding or clenching your dentist in Smile Hub Dental Clinic can provide you with a nightguard appliance to prevent your teeth contacting at night when you grind/clench
  • Muscle/Joint pain around the night may necessitate the fabrication of a splint to help rest the jaws and relieve your discomfort.
  • Bite or Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems may require you to wear a ‘flat plane splint’ appliance to locate a stable bite position. This helps to alleviate your discomfort before full mouth rehabilitation begins
  • If tooth wear is detected early then restorations such as dental crowns, veneers and onlays may be sufficient to rebuild your damaged, fractured, broken or cracked tooth

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Nightguard Appliance?

A nightguard is a protective device that is worn during the while you are sleeping. It is thin and transparent and is used to prevent your top and bottom teeth from touching. This stops the teeth meeting meaning they cannot grind and be worn down.

What is Acid Erosion?

Acid erosion is a type of tooth wear. When the tooth comes into contact with acids it can create chemical dissolution which causes irreversible loss of the tooth structure. One of the main causes of acid erosion are soft drinks. Even if they are sugar free the carbonation will mean they have high acid levels to.

What can I do to prevent tooth erosion?

  • Try to eat meals instead of snacking throughout the day to lower the number of times your teeth come into contact with acid
  • Drink water while eating or drinking acidic foods to wash it out of your mouth
  • If drinking an acidic drink, using a straw will also help with preventing acid erosion
  • Always wait a while before brushing your teeth after acidic foods and drinks. Try to brush your teeth about 1 hour after eating

What is tooth wear?

Tooth wear is that loss of structure of the tooth that makes the teeth shorter or worn down. It starts when the outer layer called the enamel wears down to expose the inside layer of the teeth called the dentine which is softer and easier to wear. Even though enamel is that strongest structure in the body grinding and erosion can cause it to disappear.

What causes tooth wear?

  • Abrasion which is the rubbing or scraping on teeth usually caused by hard brushing or removing appliances such as retainers.
  • Attrition which is the contact between your top and bottom teeth usually caused by grinding and clenching.
  • Erosion which is when acid in food and drinks dissolve the enamel of the tooth to expose the dentine.
  • Abfraction which is the loss of enamel at the top of the toot at the gumline usually caused by the biting force.

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